September Goals

Hi friends!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind as I have been adjusting to a new job and all that comes with that. My days have left little room for free time which is why I have not posted lately. This job is most definitely an answer to prayer, so I am praising the Lord big time for providing me with incredible community at work. Coworkers who are passionate about advising students while loving Jesus and striving to advance His kingdom all over the country every single day.

With any big change comes a learning curve, both within the job itself and also just figuring out a new daily schedule that allows for self care and serving Jordan. Quality quiet times have been few and far between these last two weeks, as well as great workouts. Minimizing those two things in my life quickly catches up with me, and it does not take long before I feel undisciplined.

I need concrete goals to keep me focused, little challenges if you will. I think a large part of that comes from being an athlete and although those days are over, I need to continually push myself. So I would love for your to either join me in these September goals or just hold me accountable by asking me how it’s going. These are a mix of health and spiritual goals, which are two aspects of my life that I value greatly.

  1. Write down my prayer requests and actually pray over them every single day. For me personally, I am going to spend my commute in the mornings praying since I have nothing else to do!
  2. Run 30 miles – 30 days in September, that is easy if I just keep up with it. I love this weekly schedule by Shape magazine.
  3. 1 dessert per week – cutting back on sugar in the past has helped me sleep better, maintain energy levels, and eliminate cravings.

That is it. Specific, simple, and extremely attainable as I try to get back to a a more disciplined routine. Who wants to join me?

via google images
via google images

Have a blessed week!

Abby Dawn


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