Northwest Travels // Seattle + Blaine


It is great to be back home and in a routine again after 8 days of non-stop travel. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation to catch up from your vacation? That is a little bit how I am feeling, but it is time to return to work and normalcy around here. Speaking of work, this will be my last week at the University of Texas at Dallas, as I have accepted a new position at a private University where I will begin as a Graduate Advisor next Monday. I have nothing but positive feelings and love towards my boss and colleauge at UTD and I learned so incredibly much these last two years. This opportunity just seems like a better fit for me right now and I look forward to beginning this new chapter in my career.

I have decided to take these next couple of weeks to recap our Northwest travels, covering everything from lodging to food to activities we did. Besides a softball trip to Spokane in Middle School, this was my first leisure vacation up to this part of the country and I now understand why so many people love Northern Washington and British Columbia. The views speak for themselves, and the weather was pretty much perfect. Let’s just say it was anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees cooler than Dallas right now (yuck).

Our first day of travel consisted of a 4 hour flight from DFW to Seattle where we met up with my mother-in-law and spent a few hours exploring Seattle before heading northbound in a rental car up to Blaine which is at the northernmost part of the state to see Jordan’s grandparents. Seattle was definitely a blur, but it is a city I would love to visit for several days at some point. We walked around Pike’s Place, saw the original Starbucks, admired the gorgeous flowers and fresh produce in the markets, and walked along the pier.  IMG_20150801_11532111222987_10101379507448450_6677487436084643123_oEats & Drinks:

Espresso Vivace – we actually grabbed a drink here on our way back to Seattle before heading down to San Francisco, but I would be remiss not to mention it. I found this coffee shop on Yelp after looking for one near the airport. This place is super cool, like had two bicycles on the wall, cool. Their drinks were unique and really delicious. Finding a good coffee spot in Seattle is like looking for a mall in Dallas. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. IMG_20150805_094759IMG_20150805_095051

The Crab Pot – this restaurant was packed when we ate an early dinner around 4:00 pm, but thankfully they were able to seat us within 20 minutes or so. The restaurant is most known for its seafeast in which they bring you crab legs, oysters, clams, and mussels and your table just digs in. Since we knew we would be eating crab legs in Blaine, we all chose something a bit lighter. The food was tasty, but nothing extraordinarily good. It did the trick though and once we finished, we walked along the water near Miner’s Landing for a bit before heading onto our next destination. 20150801_171805 20150801_171812

Lodging: this one was easy, we stayed at Jordan’s grandparents house 20150802_205659

Things to do in Blaine/Birch Bay:

  • Explore along the water 20150802_075328 20150802_08530720150802_075727
  • The C Shop to satisfy our sweet tooth! Two words: sticky buns
  • Pick out crabs to cook and eat  11825568_10101381137446920_7577796374341140168_n 20150802_17043620150802_175623
  • Pick Blueberries 20150802_112017 20150802_112259 20150802_112139
  • Lounge on the deck and take in the incredible views of the water. We were blessed with some of the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and even moon-rises! PicMonkey Collage

It was a wonderful start to our trip and I know it meant the world to Jordan’s grandparents that we visited them. It was such a sweet time exploring their town with them. I will be back on Wednesday talking all things Victoria.

Have a great Monday!

Abby Dawn


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