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Hello there. We made it to Friday! Is it just me, or did this week fly by? I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that it was a 4-day week and I have been busy at work preparing to be out for a Conference in St. Paul next week (plus some time in DSM with the family!!). Either way, no complaints here, as I always welcome the weekends with open arms. In fact, this statement is exactly how I feel when Friday’s roll around…

source: pinterest
source: pinterest

Kinda cute, borderline corny maybe? Anyway, I wanted to share a song that has been on repeat for the last few months. I remember first hearing this song at our church and absolutely loving it. It was one of those where you write down a few lyrics in your phone or journal to remember it when you get home. There is nothing worse than liking a song so much, but then not being able to find it for the life of you, so you just have to wait until you hear it again at church or hopefully on the radio. Okay, so there are worse things in life, but that is frustrating.

Friday July 10th

The song is called “Spirit of The Living God” by Vertical Band Church and it struck me for many reasons. The song is not complex or loaded with lyrics, but rather repeats itself quite a bit. It allowed me to really let the words sink in and help me understand the meaning behind them. Worship is designed to be an intimate time between you and The Lord where His spirit truly enters the room and fills it.

Every time I play this song at work, home, or in my car, it reminds me to slow down. It reminds me to lean into Him in the midst of the chaos, the traffic, the long to-do lists. It is so easy to try and manipulate or control our surroundings to make it comfortable and stable. Exerting all of that energy is exhausting, and this song is a gentle nudge saying, hey Abby, surrender yourself and your comforts to Him. He changes the way I see the world, how I speak, everything. It brings me such peace moving on with my day, knowing that I can gently rest in his arms.

What song is that for you, that completely brings you to your knees (whether literally or metaphorically) and turn your day back over to the one in control? I would love to hear it.

What a joy to know that He carries our burdens. That He has gone before us and knows the plans for our lives. Rest in that today and this weekend, my friends. Enjoy your day and be blessed!

Abby Dawn

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