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Working in Disability Services has added words such as “accessibility, universal design, ADA compliance, and inclusivity” into my daily vocabulary. Whether it be regards to accommodating students in the classroom, residential halls, or in the buildings on campus, I am always working on ways to level the playing field for those with disabilities. The main thing I am looking for when reviewing documentation is “substantial functional limitations.” This helps me to determine how best to assist a student in making their academic career most enjoyable and life-giving.

As I’ve been craving the do more with my blog, I cannot help but think about how I can apply that desire to practically help others with areas they may feel incompetent in. Take cooking for example: the thought of meal prep, grocery shopping, cutting up all the ingredients, and then cooking everything in a timely manner may stir up major frustration or even insecurity in you. Or maybe it is knowing where to even begin when it comes to working out, cleaning your house, growing spiritually, etc. See where I am going with this?

You may be thinking, “Abby, comparing my poor cooking skills to an individual with disabilities is a stretch.” Maybe you are right, it isn’t exactly comparing apples to apples. But what I can tell you after working with students who have disabilities or learning deficiencies for the past 5 years is that with a willingness to learn, adapt when necessary, and stick to it, there are few things those students cannot accomplish. It is all about attitude and a heart position of openness which comes from setting aside pride and admitting to weak areas.

I am illiterate when it comes business, economics, and math.  They make my head hurt and heart closed off. My husband even got me an economics book for dummies over 4 months ago and I have barely made it past the first chapter. It is one thing to tell him that I wish I was well-versed in those things, but without the diligence to actually study, memorize, and practice, I will remain stagnant in my incompetencies.

There are a few areas however that I do feel passionate about and my goal is to use my blog as a platform to share and educate you on these areas in hopes that if you feel insecure in these areas or disinterested, it may tug at your heart to start. Your limitations could stem from a lack of exposure or experience growing up, lack of resources, or lack of knowledge. Or, you may find that your limitations are self-imposed and that truly you are the only stumbling block standing in your way. I, for example, was raised in home where we did not talk a whole lot about economics or business (my dad was a pastor), therefore I was not exposed to that kind of verbiage. But now, with accessbility to my husband’s knowledge, books, blogs, etc, I have the ability to learn at my fingertips. Yet, I choose not to, out of a lack of desire and motivation. I am my own hurdle in learning about those things and if health, wellness, hospitality. are the “economics, business, and math” for you, I hope to help you remove yourself as that barrier in growing and learning.

Most of the time (not always) I find such joy in serving my husband and others in our home. To me, serving my husband means the obvious things such as keeping our place clean, doing the laundry, and cooking dinner/preparing his lunches. But I also feel it also includes taking care of my body from health and fitness perspective, being wise and practical with our finances/resources, and then by opening up our home to friends. I understand that this may be a dreaded thing for some of you, but I encourage you to keep practicing. I’ll start by keeping things simple and go from there. Adapt and ask questions as needed and please, if you know much about business, math, or economics, feel free to teach me some stuff! Let’s learn from each other in an effort to grow in our weaknesses.

So here is what I am thinking as I really make a commitment to post regularly again:

Mondays: Health & Wellness – this will either be a recipe, workout, health-related products, etc.

Wednesdays: Home-related posts – this will be a catch all for hosting, hospitality, decor, and even marriage-related posts.

Friday: Spiritual Growth, what I am learning in the Word, devotionals, etc.

*Since traveling is also a passion of ours, I will be throwing in posts here and there after we take trips.

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I cannot thank y’all enough for reading my blog since its birth in 2012. I appreciate the encouragement to keep writing and I am so excited to recommit to it. I would also love interaction, so feel free to comment or email me!

-Abby Dawn

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