Destination Dallas #2: Bishop Arts District


Tucked into the heart of North Oak Cliff lies a little neighborhood uniquely different from the rest of Dallas. The words artsy, laid-back, and culturally diverse come to mind when looking for adjectives to describe this area. To my excitement, I had the opportunity to visit Bishop Arts again this past weekend and wanted to highlight some of my favorite spots, including the brewery we visited on Saturday.

Espumoso Caffe’s Acai Bowls


Last summer, my California-cool sister-in-law introduced me to acai bowls. Apparently they are harder to find in Dallas than in Malibu where she is attending school, so while she was home on break we took the 25 minute drive down to Oak Cliff to enjoy one. The cafe was cute, but honestly it was the bowl that made it so memorable.

Epiphany, Laughing Willow, and Strut


All three of these boutiques carry unique women’s clothing and accessories that you will not find in one of the 30 malls in the DFW metroplex {may or may not be an exaggeration, hard to tell}. Laughing Willow has really cute boho chic style clothing that is fun for the summertime and all of the prices are fairly reasonable. But if you are me, you make a beeline for the clearance rack to find some bargains no matter where you are shopping.

Bishop Cider Company


After you eat some delicious food at one of the local restaurants and then shop your little heart out at the boutiques, it will be time to wind down at the Bishop Cider Company. Or you can do what we did on Saturday, and make a special trip to the District just for the cider. Either way, I would say it is a fun experience trying their made-in-house ciders while sitting outside to take in the sights and sounds of Bishop Arts.



Without any of us being cider connoisseurs, we all agreed that we expected the ciders to be much colder and more carbonated. In other words, they were tasty, but a little flat. The environment, vibe, and employees on the other hand, were not flat. We really enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their Brewery. It was a great experience and worth checking out.


Well there you have it, a little recap of one of my favorite spots in Dallas. Don’t forget to check out the Destination Dallas #1 post that I did a couple weeks ago, especially if you need some vibrant flowers to brighten up your day.

In other news, we are off to Los Angeles on Thursday for my sister-in-law’s graduation, so I hope to recap our stay in Santa Monica and adventures in Malibu in the near future.

I hope you have a great week!

Abby Dawn

{Sources: yelp & google images}

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