Lunch Break Circuit Workout

I wanted to pop in quickly to share a workout that I created right before my lunch break today. I have started to utilize the rec center on campus (that is literally a two minute walk from my office) four times a week during my lunch hour and it has been wonderful. I have no idea why I waited almost two years to get a membership there because it is so very convenient. I have learned that if I do not workout either in the early morning or during my lunch break, my motivation after 5:00 pm is basically gone. After work, food and relaxation are typically on my mind, so I head home to start cooking.

My workouts as of late are either a HIIT circuit, a 30 minute run, or the occasional slow-moving elliptical workout in which I watch an episode on Netflix or listen to a podcast (Matt Chandler). I also like to create at least 1-2 of my own workouts each week and then if I like them, I will save and reuse another day. Today’s was a fun one and the time flew by, so I wanted to share it with those of you looking to spice up your workout routine a little bit. I thought about including burpees but then remembered how much I dislike burpees, and replaced them with mountain climbers instead.

Untitled1Let me know if you would like me to post more workouts because I’d be happy to do so.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great evening!

Abby Dawn

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