Destination Dallas #1: Arboretum

Hello and happy first day of April! After writing posts lately about our international travels, I thought it would be fun to start an ongoing series called Destination Dallas since there are so many great places to explore right in our backyard.

I also know that both work and pleasure bring visitors down to the DFW area, so I wanted to provide you with suggestions of things to do while visiting. This summer will mark the second full year that I have lived in Dallas, so I am by no means an expert on the area and even my husband who has spent a good chunk of his life in Plano, TX would tell you that he has barely scratched the surface of all that Dallas has to offer.

So I thought, what better way to kick off this first day of April than with a colorful post about the beautiful Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Specifically, the Dallas Blooms which take place every March/April. 236 20150328_125112This is actually our third year in a row we have been able to attend the Dallas Blooms and it just never gets old.

spring break 2014

This year, we went with our good friends TJ & Lindsay since they had never been to the Arboretum and both wanted to go. T.J’s sister was in town from Kansas so we were able to get to know her a bit which was great.

It doesn't get much cuter than these two!
It doesn’t get much cuter than these two!

Although the tulips were beyond gorgeous, I think I liked the Cherry Blossom trees even better. I do not remember them being so full and white in the past, but I was not complaining. I imagine this to be a small glimpse of what DC looks like this time of year. 20150328_143638

Since the Arboretum does charge for both tickets {$11.00 w/ an education discount or $15.00 without} and parking {15.00}, I would suggest you plan to spend your entire afternoon there to maximize your money. Another thing we did which I would highly recommend, is to pack a picnic lunch or some snacks and a blanket to enjoy in the grassy lawn area. They do have food to purchase  which Lindsay and T.J. said was pretty tasty, so that is an option too.


After soaking in lots of sunshine and vibrant views, we left the Arboretum and made our way to Uptown Dallas {a quick 10-15 minute drive} to indulge in some mambo taxis at Taco Diner. For those of you unfamiliar with a mambo taxi, they are basically a margarita and sangria in one. It did the trick and we all left feeling both happy and sun-burned. Wear your sunscreen friends!


238 245

So there you have it, your fill of flowers for the start of Spring. Let me know if you have any specific places in Dallas you would like me to write about, otherwise I plan to just choose some places that either we really enjoy visiting or even throw in some new places in there. I often joke that all Dallas has is large churches, restaurants, and malls; but there really is much more than that. Sometimes you just have to search it out or pay a little money to see some beauty ’round these parts.

Have a great day!

Abby Dawn


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