United Arab Emirates

Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

And just like that, we are already in the middle of March with the first day of Spring right around the corner. I left off last time with a post about the Dead Sea in hopes of another post a few days later recapping our time in the UAE. Unfortunately, the busyness of life just sort of took over and it never happened. Well, today is the day!

Dubai is one of those places that I never really thought I would ever visit. My knowledge of the city was purely based off of what I had seen in Mission Impossible, pictures on Google, and that our friend Russell lived there. It seemed to be expensive, hot, and well far away so I cannot say it was high up on my bucket list for the immediate future. That is until last fall when Russell told us that he was planning to get married in January and wanted us to make the trip.

Before we knew it, we were planning our trip to the the Middle East and coordinating details with our friends who were also going. To summarize the trip in words {before I indulge you in more photos than you probably prefer to see}, it was more beautiful, safe, clean, and spectacular than I imagined. On top of the amazing country in itself, we were surrounded by so many sweet friends who were all there to support Russell and Talitha which was truly incredible. From the day on the beach, to exploring the tallest building in the world, to the desert safari, every single day was an adventure with some of the best people we know. Although pictures do not necessarily do justice, they do help show the story, so here goes. {And thank you Phil and Brian for a few of these pictures that I stole from Facebook}.

The groom himself.


Sheikh Zayed - Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed – Abu Dhabi


Middle Eastern cuisine {not all of us ate with our hands}
Middle Eastern cuisine {not all of us ate with our hands}


Burj Khalifa - Dubai {world's tallest building}
Burj Khalifa – Dubai {world’s tallest building}


Beach time!
Beach time!

20150116_142422 20150116_142431 20150116_145514 20150116_145815 20150116_150405


Congrats to Russell & Talitha!
Congrats to Russell & Talitha!

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Desert Safari to end the trip.
Desert Safari to end the trip.

I am confident that this group of friends would have a blast together anywhere we are, but to be in the UAE in honor of Russell’s wedding was the perfect opportunity to explore a new part of the world together. The Middle East is so beautiful and I am so thankful to have been able to visit. Now, I am off to start planing our next vacation. Thailand anyone? 😉

Enjoy your day & let your light shine!

Abby Dawn


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