Petra Treasury

Did you know that the Seven Wonders of the World are actually quite difficult to pin down? What I mean by that, is when you research what they are, you are bombarded with about ten different lists ranging from “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” to “The Seven Wonders of the Underwater World.” Not to mention, an entirely separate list of magnificent sites that almost made the cut. Petra is one of those.

Petra, in a nutshell, is an archaeological city in southern Jordan most famously known for its rose-colored rock-cut architecture. If you are a movie buff unlike myself, you may recognize it from an Indiana Jones movie. The specific location which now serves as a hot-bed for tourists is called the Treasury at Petra. Prior to visiting Petra, I had assumed all we would see was this picture here, but to my surprise, it is a relatively large city.


We arrived to Petra after a three hour, fairly uneventful (unless you consider hitchhikers, goats, and sheep eventful) drive in our little rental car. At this point it was around 1:30 pm, so we quickly purchased our tickets into the Treasury which were 50 JD’s per person or $140 USD’s for the two of us, and then made our way in.


The first thing we noticed were a lot of camels, goats, horses, cats, and dogs accompanied by locals who make their living by selling rides through the treasury. Well, not rides on the dogs or cats, but rather the camels, goats, and horses. We opted to kindly deny their offers and walked our way through the first half of the city. It was about 20-30 minutes in before we saw any major formation in the rocks.

Suddenly we began to  feel very small beneath this massively impressive architecture. We kept moving at a pretty steady pace in order to make it through the entire Treasury before sundown and we both agreed that next time we would allow ourselves an entire day to truly experience the city. I would also recommend packing snacks because per usual, I was starving and lacking some energy. ALWAYS pack snacks!


It took nearly an hour and a half to walk through the Treasury and to the “top” which in my opinion was the best part. Sure, you have to climb roughly 800 steps to reach the awe-inspiring Monastery, but you would be remiss to make a trip to Petra and not go to the top. The views were absolutely stunning.


At this point we were on the trek down and feeling accomplished for reaching “the top of the world” (not really though). Although I was completely on board with walking the rest of the way, a part of me really wanted to ride a camel since it is something I have never done. To my surprise, Jordan said “Sure, why not” and before I knew it, I was riding this fascinating creature. It really was not all that comfortable and after our 10-minute ride, I was ready to put my feet on the ground. But I am still amused with camels and have thoroughly enjoyed using the hashtag #humpday underneath my pictures these last couple weeks.

20150112_140315 20150112_140356 20150112_162000 SAMSUNG CSC

Just look at those lashes on that bad boy. Too cool. Anyway, around 5:00 pm we arrived back to the entrance of the Treasury and made our way to the car. We had booked and planned to stay at the Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp that evening, but due to cold temperatures/snow, they emailed us saying our reservations had been canceled. Although we would have completely frozen our buns off, I had really been looking forward to staying in the tent and was pretty bummed.

With no place to stay, we made our way up through the city center of Petra in which I remember there being a lot of traffic, honking, and people walking out into the middle of the road. This was also the moment where I said to Jordan “honey, you are doing such a great job driving this manual car” and then literally two minutes after I said that, he stalled it a few times. So then more honky ensued. My bad.

We settled on staying at a Marriott in which we were given a fairly reasonable rate for 1 evening stay, plus dinner (no beverages) and breakfast buffet included. The whole no drink thing came as a surprise to us when we had to pay solely for tea and water. But don’t worry, for breakfast, coffee and water was included. What?! Regardless, the hotel had a beautiful view and was somewhere warm for us to sleep.

20150112_165119 20150113_075018

All-in-all, it was a an exciting day and we were super thankful that we could explore such a beautiful and historic site. If you are ever near Petra, I would highly suggest visiting.

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I am especially glad today is Friday, because it means Jordan returns from traveling all week for business.


Abby Dawn

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