Italy Packing List

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I hope you are having a great week. I cannot believe that we are nearly wrapping up the summer semester here on campus and gearing up for the new academic year to begin. Labor day will be here before we know it and then, well Christmas. Crazy.

Since returning from Italy, I have had a few people ask me questions related to packing, specifically how I fit everything into a carry on suitcase. Of course I did not think to take pictures while packing, because well that is just not a normal thing I do. Therefore, I have done my best to compile either identical or very similar items to what I packed. With the exception of forgetting to pack blue jeans {who does that?!}, I was happy with the things I brought and used almost all of it. The key that I learned while researching and talking with experienced travelers was to pack lightweight clothing that can be both layered and also mixed/matched.

Packing List

For a total of 10 days, this many items {plus two more not pictured} worked out really well. The temperatures were warmer than we had expected, about 90 degrees each day, so  I found myself reaching for shorts or breezy dresses. For the flights I wore a cotton dress, cardigan, and brought along my leggings because I don’t love my bare leggings touching the airplane seats.

Although my TOMS and sandals were perfect for packing because they took up minimal space, they were just not enough support for the amount of walking that we did. Rome is practically cobblestone everywhere, and the others cities were quite hilly, so next time I plan to bring shoes with a lot of support. I was wishing that I had brought my bright blue New Balance tennis shoes that screamed “I am a tourist” and I just might next time because my shins were very sore.

I did bring along a curling iron and the little hair dryer that my mother-in-law let me borrow, but honestly it was too warm in our room to think about drying my hair so I let it air dry. The absolute best piece of advice that I was given that I want to give you is to bring a little journal that you can take everywhere with you. Journal daily and include details of places you stayed, ate, explored, etc. Next time I want to be more diligent in tracking our expenses because then recapping the budget post-trip may not be as scary.

b6de0510f6e325a0f91e0f657e7328f1I hope to improve on my packing skills with each trip that we take, but hopefully this will help a few of you preparing to take longer trips.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Abby Dawn

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