Amalfi Coast

You know when you are perusing the travel page on Pinterest for longer than you should and you come across the most stunning picture you have ever seen with insanely bright colors and blue water? You tell yourself that there is no way it can be real; it must have been edited or seriously tampered with. Places like Cinque Terre or Burano, Italy come to mind. Not too far behind would be cities along the Amalfi coast. But what I learned after physically being there, is that they truly look that colorful and breathtaking in person. Absolutely no editing needed.


The first city we visited after our time in Rome was Positano. Unfortunately there isn’t exactly a direct train or flight that goes from Rome to Positano, so we first took a train to Naples, then hopped onto a super rough train {basically a subway bus that had been converted into a train while forgetting to install cushioned seats or AC} from Naples to Sorento, and then lastly took a charter bus through the winding roads of the Amalfi coast. It was definitely a cultural experience to say the least. All that being said, the views of our final destination made the interesting travel certainly worth it.

Positano was the perfect change of pace after spending 4 days exploring the multitude of museums in Rome. It is vibrant, charming, and so picturesque. Since the town is essentially an enclave in the hills leading down to the coast, be prepared to do A LOT of walking. The walk down to the beach from our room was quick and easy, but coming up was a bit of a bear. I also learned that European beaches are not at all like the sandy beaches many of us have been on. Imagine playing the hot lava game, but never being able to find relief from the hot rocks until you reach your towel or the water. Once again, the scenery behind us on that beach were unreal and made up for the uncomfortable beach.

There really was not a whole lot of historical places or museums to visit, rather just a lot of little shops and restaurants. Oh, and freshly picked lemons everywhere. The people were incredibly laid back and friendly, and we made some friends at dinner which was fun. We spent one night in Positano before taking a water taxi over to the Island of Capri. 20140608_060716 20140608_060720 20140608_061307 20140608_075402 20140609_02511620140609_044332 20140609_044831 20140609_05025220140608_19292520140608_19372420140608_204406


Positano to Capri was a quick 30 minute boat ride and a beautiful one at that. At first glance, this little villa is both fancy and touristy. I say fancy because some of the first shops we saw were Gucci, Versace, and Armani. We are talking shops for celebs, not so much for ordinary mid-twenty year old people like us. Things are very expensive in Capri, so I was glad we asked around and did some research before sitting down to eat. Rumor was that they charged 5 euros for a cafe on the harbor. That better be the best cafe on the planet. There are 3 places in Capri that I would like to highlight and definitely recommend if visiting. They are in bold after this set of pictures.20140609_112859 20140609_081056 20140609_112924 20140609_075605 20140610_091603

  • Blue Grotto – an amazing sea cave off the island of capri where sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and illuminates the cavern {according to wikipedia}. In other words, this little cave has some of the most gorgeous blue water you will ever see. They do charge you to enter the cave via a tiny boat, but I am so glad we splurged a little. Instead of taking the big boat with many other tourists, we coerced another two couples into splitting a private boat with us which worked out really well. Jordan may or may not have also made the guys selling tickets to the big boat very mad by picking people off the line.  20140610_012725 20140610_013038 20140610_014459 20140610_015245 20140610_030218 10307211_10100898549482070_7062735102707356689_n 10505528_10100898524172790_5439076943179340233_n
  • Anacapri – this is the place to be. Less tourists, less expensive, and yet still so beautiful. Anacapri is very close to Capri, just a little bit higher in elevation. It seems like there were not many people who knew about this little comune, but we would consider staying there if we return to this area.
  • Monte Solaro – if you are looking to get a good workout in, I would suggest hiking up to this mountain on the island of Capri. There is a chair lift, but it costs money so of course we did not ride it. Coming down however, we did. The “20 minute” hike according to the police woman we asked was actually about 50 minutes. I also learned that wearing a long skirt for this hike was not one of my brighter ideas.

20140610_065723 20140610_070503 20140610_07162820140610_161436

We spent 2 days in Capri before heading back to Northern Italy to end our trip in wine country! Now I can honestly look at those pictures on Pinterst, and even pin a few of my own, knowing confidently that these images are truly authentic. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Italy, I would certainly recommend spending at least a couple days on the Amalfi coast. You will not regret it!

Next time will be all about the vino 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

Abby Dawn

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