He Goes, She Stays

Dashboard > post > new post. I almost forgot how to do all that. Needless to say, it has been a while since I wrote a blog post. In that while, a lot has gone on in my life; however none of which seemed publishable, you know? That stuff that does not need to be out there for all to read. I am all about transparency and a firm believer in using my personal experiences to hopefully bring some light into others lives, yet I also feel as though certain things {for the sake of protecting other people} should just be kept in a safe place. Such as my heart, personal journal, or within the context of specific conversations.

With that being said, there is something that I have been working through for the last 6 months or so, and I can thankfully say that progress has been made. This week marks the third consecutive week that Jordan has traveled for work. Now, before you start to think “oh you poor thing, that must be horrible having an absent husband” I must tell you that this is not normal for his job. Normal is maaaybe once a month. This month just happens to be a bit different. He has been to San Diego {thankfully before the horrible fires began}, New York City, and now back to NYC, plus a weekend Bachelor party thrown in there. All while I have stayed put in Dallas.

I know that for him traveling in itself is not difficult. In fact, he loves traveling, exploring different cities, and meeting new people. That is one of the reasons I love him. But what is hard for him is that he feels badly leaving me at home by myself. His words say it, and his actions have begun saying it also. I am regretting not capturing this moment on Sunday, but picture flowers in my right hand, and a leftover case of beer in my left hand. As I came outside to greet him upon his return from Bachelor weekend, I helped him unload the car. He hands me a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers and says “these are to get you through next week because I know how hard this is for you.” I hug, kiss, and thank him and then in the other hand I grab the beer and walk inside. That sweet gesture has already made this week easier.

Six months ago, when we were first married and living together, him traveling was really hard for me. There I was SO excited to spend my evenings with him and finally not have to say goodbye every night. Not only that, but growing up with a Pastor for a father, I was used to him being home. Looking back, I can not even think of times he traveled without my mom. I was thankful for that and probably did not appreciate it as much as I should have. At first when Jordan traveled for 4-5 days, I would get pretty sad about it and feel frustrated that he was able to explore new places and I was not. He would say “but babe I am gaining SO many frequent flyer miles for us!” I would say “I do not care about the miles, I care about spending time with you.” Platinum or not, I love you the same. Or maybe Gold? I don’t really have any idea how that works.

So nothing has changed on his end, in fact he is traveling a bit more than he did when we first got married. So what has changed on my end you wonder? I would have to say it is my perspective, dying to selfishness, embracing the time I have to grow my friendships down here, and a deeper appreciation for how hard he is working to support us. Sure, I have a salary and although I know it helps a little {it’s education people, we don’t make the big bucks} I have began to really understand that if it weren’t for his hard work and yes those miles, we would not be able to live the way we do. To eat the food we eat, give to who we want to bless, and travel to the places we have gone. And to the places we will go.

Which brings me to Europe. That is happening for my very first time in 2 weeks! Without our ability to save as much as we do monthly for travel, this trip would not be possible. I am looking at this trip like a second honeymoon. Intentional time to spend with my husband who I love dearly. Sure, it isn’t always ideal and of course I always miss him, but we’ve made it work for us. I trust him when he says that he hopes not to travel as much down the road. I trust him when he says he misses me and wishes we could be together. And I trust that this will deepen our relationship.

For the next three days I will just keep looking at those flowers as a reminder of how thankful I am for my husband and his hard work for US, not just his company.

PicMonkey CollageI hope you are well! As always, I miss writing and posting.

Abby Dawn

4 thoughts on “He Goes, She Stays

    1. Thank you & thank you! I am thankful that it touched you that day and I appreciate you reading. Hope all is well!

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