From His Perspective

I recently joined a writing group with women who also have the desire to become a better writer. We were given the following prompt and had 15 minutes to complete it:

Write about yourself from the perspective of somebody else in your life (husband, best friend, mother, child, lady who helped you at Target, etc.). Perhaps you can choose a specific event or time of day to focus on. Beyond that, be creative!

As you can tell, the prompt was specific, yet allowed for much creativity along the way. I have never done something like this, for when I write, it is always from my own perspective. I decided that I would write from the perspective of my husband and that rather than choosing a specific event or situation, it was more what I imagined he would say about me. Since I am not in his brain, this was merely based on conversations we have had or observations he has made during the time we have known each other. Here is what I wrote…

The Dawn. Where to begin. She doesn’t really like being called “The Dawn” and I blame my brother and roommates for starting that. Dawn is her middle name, which is also part of her blog name {but you probably knew that}. Even though she does not love it, as with most things in life, she does not get too worked up about it. Sometimes, okay, most of the time I think Abby is in her own little world. A world where she talks to herself and bumps into things a lot. Opposite of myself, she tolerates things insanely well and somehow manages to always see the glass half full. A person or situation that I see nothing but annoyances and negatives with, she will chime in with something extremely positive about that person/situation. I don’t think she gives herself enough credit for the woman that she is. She serves constantly with such a generous heart and would much rather be behind the scenes, rather than the center of attention. She is a feeler and acts based on what she feels in her heart or what emotions she is experiencing; whereas I react almost instinctually based on what I think. I know she thinks I speak impulsively sometimes, but that is why we are a good balance. She has the ability to ask me if I saw things in a certain way and really make me think about the unfiltered things that come out of my mouth. Everyone is usually on her side because she sort of just plays the safe card and is a major peace maker. I wish more people would take my side, but really I love that about her. I see a potential in her that I don’t think she sees quite yet. She has strengths that are untouched and areas that have yet to be tapped into..I know she is anxious to have children and she will be incredible in that role. I am just praying that she can put that energy into something else for the time being since we would like to travel. Our brains operate in completely opposite ways. For always getting things done and for not being a procrastinator, she sure can be disorganized. But she is not disorganized in every aspect of her life, rather it seems she picks and chooses to care less about certain things. Opening the mail and organizing it is one of those careless examples. I actually came across mail from 2 weeks ago last night that had been stashed in a pile. Yet, her office space, car, the kitchen, and our bedroom is always picked up. The things she has less interest in can tend to get messy. When she is feeling inspired, she has the desire to write more and create things. I have not seen that in her as much lately and can tell she is really craving that. I desire to lead her in every way I can, and I know I can do a better job of leading us spiritually. She deserves to be listened to, loved, and cared for because she has a fragile heart and I don’t always view her that way. She can love me best by serving me, maintaining order in our house, and dreaming about vacations with me. Also by being my greatest cheerleader in life. But after all, that goes both ways and I know I can continue to love, pray for, and encourage her every single day. There are big things in store for her and for us and I am so excited to be there for all of that.

After I told him that I chose to write from his perspective, he seemed surprised at how accurate it was. He felt as though his writing would be very similar to mine. For me, I did not expect to really learn so much about myself through doing this exercise. The good, the bad, the insecurities, and areas I can improve on. I would highly recommend trying this out and I may even do it again from a different person’s perspective. This quick 15-minute writing piece stretched my imagination and really forced me to step into somebody else’s shoes. And out of my own little world. 😉 My mom has a saying in their house that says “I know I am in my own little world, but it is okay because they know me here.” Like mother, like daughter.

Abby Dawn

9 thoughts on “From His Perspective

  1. I love this! I’m so glad that I’m getting to know you and the other members of our group! Thanks for being willing to put your prompt response out there- can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment & of course, for reading! I am also enjoying getting to know everyone through writing as well as Skype. I am anxious to read others’ prompts also :).

  2. Lovely! I am so glad it helped you see yourself in a different light. Also, I think it’s awesome that your husband thought it was so accurate.

    1. Thank you Sarah! It was a really great prompt & fun to try it. Definitely easier to write from my own perspective but it was a good stretch for me.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you for reading & for the encouragement. We actually might travel to Europe in June–hopefully we will book tickets soon, just trying to find a decently priced fare! I am not very well-traveled and he is, so I am thankful he can take me on his adventures 🙂

    1. Really?? Great to know! We are looking at a bunch of different flights right now and trying to figure out how to optimize our time there. I told J to look up that website and I’m sure I will have more questions 🙂

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