High Five for Friday

We made it to Friday! I am doing another link up today, but this time with Lauren who does a #H54F every week. Since I already recapped our trip to California, I will share a few other highlights from my week.

1. COOKING CLASS — I mentioned this in my previous post, but I had the opportunity to attend a Pad Thai cooking class on Tuesday evening with a very special lady. When I lived with Vicki before we {Jordan and I, not Vicki and I} got married, she and I discovered our mutual affection for Thai food and would eat it together occasionally. Knowing that I loved Pad Thai plus the fact that I was becoming a wife and needed to broaden my cooking abilities; she thoughtfully gave me this class as a shower gift. I had no idea making Pad Thai was such a process! Nor did I know what tamarind was. I learned a lot, met some sweet ladies along the way, and had a great time seeing Vicki again. I will forever be thankful for her hospitality and care for me when I first moved to Dallas.

PicMonkey Collage

2. ARRIVAL OF MY ESSENTIAL OILS — Ever since I attended the Young Living oils class a couple weeks ago, I have been so excited to receive my starter kit in the mail. I was finally able to pick it up from the leasing office two days ago {the joys of apartment living} and opened that baby immediately. The starter kit, in my opinion, was a great deal financially. My husband disagrees, but I told him to just wait and see how amazing they are before doubting their awesomeness. Included in the box was 10 of the most commonly used oils, a large diffuser, and some extra freebies which were a fun surprise. Since Wednesday I have diffused thieves in our living room/kitchen area, used valor on my jaw at night to help relax the muscles, and we also dropped some lavender in our bedroom humidifier. This morning I used a couple lemon drops in my water before drinking my coffee and it was quite refreshing. I am continuing to research all about their uses and look forward to using them much more in the future.

20140326_1737103. TRINITY GROVES DISTRICT — also known as the most brilliant idea ever. Last night before we went to the Mav’s game {more on that next} with some friends, they took as to Trinity Groves and said that we were going to get hot dogs. I was both disgusted and intrigued all at the same time. They reassured us that these were not just any hot dog but rather gourmet sausage dogs loaded with toppings. They then proceeded to talk about another restaurant that we were going to hit up so that we could try a little bit of everything. At that moment, I had already decided that there was no way I would be eating healthy that night and quickly got over it and began anticipating this highly-raved about food. So we pull into a parking lot next to Hofmann Hots, the hot dog establishment and across the street from a large square footage of area holding several different restaurants. I figured the easiest way to describe Trinity Groves was to include an excerpt from their website that I linked above.

Trinity Groves is a new restaurant, retail, artist and entertainment destination at the base of the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas. Trinity Groves will foster the growth of start up concepts and businesses, and capitalize on Dallas’ culture of innovation and entrepreneurism.

I am actually surprised nobody else came up with this idea and I totally support it. The food spoke for itself. It was incredibly flavorful and very unique which I liked. The atmosphere was laid back, artsy, and really just a fun place to hangout. I can’t wait to go back and try a different restaurant, as well as the microbrewery next door. I am regretting not taking pictures of the food but I was just so excited to dig in. We snapped one picture of the entrance which I thought was neat.

20140327_1950234. MAVS vs. CLIPPERS — Floor seats, brawls, 6 point difference, and fun company. Nothing more to say really. PicMonkey Collage

5. ISU CYCLONES in the SWEET 16 — To preface, I have never been nor will I ever be a die hard Iowa State Cyclone fan. I grew up in a Hawkeye household in which the colors red & yellow were not in our wardrobes. Black and gold all the way. BUT I am a proud Iowan, born and raised. Therefore, I will support any Iowa team that makes post-season play. Not only that, but my best friend is hands down the biggest Iowa State fan. Well, besides her dad. So I will support her in that and I would absolutely love to see them advance to the Elite 8. So with that being said, I will be watching the game tonight and publicly cheering for them.

3424369_GWell, that is all for now. Have an awesome weekend!

Abby Dawn


3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

    1. She was a blast to cook with! And you would have been perfect cooking buddies because she is a Vegetarian so no meat for her 🙂 I have the recipe for the Pad Thai if you would ever want to make it!

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