Mini Spring Break: Cali Edition

California is beautiful. I know that seems like such a no-brainer statement, but even when it was chilly and a bit cloudy, I could not get enough of the views. The three day vacation was just perfect and I truly felt spoiled to be at such an amazing resort. I just wanted to drop a quick post to recap the trip through some photos I took.

Terranea Resort // Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCFor me one of the highlights was the couples massage we received. You guys, words cannot describe the beauty of the room they had us in. Obviously I did not carry the camera inside my robe because that would just be a bit odd, so unfortunately I did not snap a picture of the room, but I did get one afterward from the balcony where we laid outside for a bit.


Here are a few pictures from various walks we took, as well as at a couple different restaurants. The food was so incredibly fresh and tasty. It was also a pretty penny. $5.50 for a cup of black coffee is just one small example of California’s erroneous prices. The silver lining however, came when we went up to Trader Joe’s to grab some snacks and 3 buck chuck {wine for those of you unfamiliar with TJ’s} and learned that it is only $2.50 in Cali. Major score.

Still waking up.


The other highlight was getting to see my sister-in-law in her stomping grounds. Brooke is Jordan’s younger sister who is a Junior at Pepperdine. We spent the entire day on Sunday with her, starting with attending her church in Hollywood called Reality LA.  The church actually meets at the High School which you see in Glee when they shoot the courtyard scenes. It was an awesome service and definitely a church we would attend if we lived in LA. I see why she makes the drive up from Malibu every week. We then ate brunch with Brooke and her friends in Los Angeles before heading down to Malibu where we hit up a farmer’s market, saw her current and future place of residence on the Pepperdine Campus, braved the cold temps at the beach, and then went to dinner beach side at a place called Duke’s. It was a blast to see her! SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC IMG_5621

Monday we slept in a bit, went to the cutest little breakfast place up the street from the resort, walked a bit more, and then headed to LAX to fly home. 20140324_092600 (1) IMG_20140324_093033

I hope to make it back to that part of California at some point! If not, I am thankful for the memories and fun times.

Paleo Update: I learned that is a difficult traveling and sticking to Paleo. However I did pretty well and am also very sick of omelettes! 26 days in and for the first time last night I had a non-paleo meal. I had the opportunity to go to a Pad Thai cooking class with my sweet friend Vicki who had given me that class as a wedding shower gift. We had a blast and I actually felt just fine after eating the dish. I wondered how I would feel having not had that kind of food in a while. Today, I am back at it and hope to finish strong through the end of this month. After that, it will be all about finding a balance again, while incorporating much of what I learned through this process.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Abby Dawn


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