Happy first official day of Spring! I think it is safe to say that this has been a looong time coming for a lot of us. Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been quite as bad of a winter down here in Texas, but the word on the street is that we experienced the worst one in 30 years. Looks like this Midwesterner brought the cold with her during the move. And I must say, this is by far the warmest first day of Spring I have ever experienced. So to celebrate, I decided to wear some mint green and pink, two of my favorite colors. Screenshot_2014-03-20-14-00-48

Thanking Jesus for – safe travels for Jordan this week. Since 9:00 pm Sunday evening, I have been tracking all six segments of his flights. That is a total of roughly 40 hours of flying time, several high altitude meals, and way too many movies which I know he was just loving. Around the time I was wrapping up work on Wednesday, he texted me saying he had safely landed at LAX which was his final destination. Anytime he travels internationally, I get a bit weary, but that is mainly because I have never been overseas or have any idea what it is like. He is very well-traveled and seems to be a smart traveler which allows me to sleep better at night.

Wearing this H&M sweatshirt. Pretty much whenever I am not at work or out doing something that involves dressing up a bit more, you will find me wearing this. I have the pink one, but I might just go back in get the other colors to add a little variety into my lounge wear. Best of all, this keeper was only $9.99. H&M, oh how I love thee. During this shopping trip, I picked Jordan up a comfy tee from there in hopes that it will soften the blow a bit. I think it really worked, because the “you are over your shopping budget” lecture wasn’t as bad once he tried his shirt on. I am not condoning this behavior, but rather offering creative suggestions.

Looking forward to – CALI! Jordan is out there now for work, and we decided that I would join him once he is done doing his work thing. So I will be taking a mini spring break Friday evening – Monday afternoon. I have been excited since we booked the ticket, but the pictures he keeps sending me have definitely taken it to another level. Although I have missed him dearly this week, I am super thankful that I will be able to experience the beauty that he is surrounded by right now. Check out this one he sent yesterday which is the view from our room.

Thank you Corporate America!
Thank you Corporate America!

Eating – so many Cuties. And by cuties, I mean clementines. I also made these delicious paleo-friendly Apple Cinnamon Muffins last night after having a serious craving for bread of some sort. This was the first time I have had that intense of a craving since we cut out gluten and refined grains this month. Knowing that I had coconut flour in our pantry, I searched for recipes including that in there. It was so simple and turned out pretty great. It is amazing how different I feel after eating that compared to a regular muffin. I have a feeling this one will become a regular in the Hawley residence. Oh, and my lunches this week have included a bowl of buffalo chicken chicken soup. Check it out here! Sooo delicious. 

Watching – documentaries on Netflix. We subscribed to Netflix about 2 months ago and have not looked back since. I personally like it a lot better than regular TV because I tend to feel overwhelmed by all of the options which then leads me to turning it off or leaving Jordan to watch whatever was on. But these documentaries are a different story. The genre I would say that I have watched most of has to do with food and the way companies are marketing certain products. (i.e. boxing sugar aka a drug into pretty packages which send pleasurable signals to our brain causing us to keep buying their products}.  I have realized that us consumers really have no idea where our food is coming from and it is slightly concerning. Okay, very concerning. The ones I would recommend are Hungry for Change, Vegucated  and Food, INC. They were pretty tough to watch, but really good things to think about.

Learning – all about essential oils! A while back I heard about them through my sister and sister-in-law who swear by them for many reasons. They have replaced their medicine cabinet, serve as a sleep aid, relieve joint pain, and so much more. I finally had the opportunity to attend an essential oils party this week and found myself writing notes like a crazy woman. I was so intrigued not only by the history behind them {date all the way back to the Garden of Eden} but ultimately what they can be used for. I decided to purchase the premium starter kit which includes 10 oils, a diffuser, and gives me the ability to now sell them. I am most looking forward to using them for my TMJ disorder, to help me sleep better, and for Jordan’s allergies. I will let you know what I think after we use them for a substantial amount of time.

Reading – Against All Grain, Love Does, and Real Simple magazine. These will hopefully make the flight to LA go fast also! PicMonkey CollageI hope you are having a great week! What things are you thanking Jesus for, wearing, reading, looking forward to, and eating?!

Beyond ready to see this guy!
Beyond ready to see this guy!

Sending my love!

Abby Dawn

One thought on “Nowadays

  1. It was interesting to watch the weather in the states this year from over here in Moscow. We had such a mild winter, and we were convinced that spring had come with almost 2 weeks of beautiful weather. Then all of a sudden we had 6 inches of snow. Oh, spring, where art thou! Missing Texas.

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