When The DMV Lady Ruins Your Day

I think I have figured out what makes me tick. It takes a lot,  I mean I grew up the youngest of four kids, so I learned how to go with the flow so to speak. Because if I chose not to eat what everyone else was eating, or go where the family was going, well I would have been one starving, lonely child. I hope that didn’t make it sounds like my parents would have neglected me, because that is not at all the truth, but rather we were to eat what mom cooked and go where my parents needed to go.

So I learned to be flexible. I learned to try different foods and with the exception of barbecue sauce, baked beans, or coleslaw, I will pretty  much eat anything. {And yes, that leaves me with little choices at a summer BBQ. Good thing for brownies and cocktails}. I have learned to adapt to different personalities because of this malleability that my parents instilled in me.

But the one thing that can quickly make me upset, hurt my feelings, and make me want to awkwardly cuss is when somebody talks down to me or makes me feel stupid. When they could care less about me as a person and merely have an agenda to attend to. And if you can’t tell, this happened to me about three hours ago. The Jesus time, Anne’s organic wheat macaroni with Frank’s hot sauce, and glass of wine have definitely helped brighten my spirits, but I am still bothered by the way I was treated.

To make a long story short, I have been given the runaround by several different people as to what the process of getting 1. my name changed on my title/registration 2. getting my car inspected in Texas 3. transferring my Missouri registration and title to Texas and 4. finally obtaining a Texas drivers license is. I was told some misinformation initially and sent incorrect paperwork to kick off the name-change process and I was unaware of that before I went into the registration place tonight. I think they call it DMV, but Texas as their own rules/names/ways of doing things so I could be wrong.

I left work at 5, fought some Dallas after-work traffic, arrive to the place and get really excited when I only see two people in front of me. Get up to the lady with a massive packet of papers because I wanted to be OVER prepared. She could even see my marriage certificate if she wanted or passport, some mail to confirm new address, you name it. I knew that when she started off the conversation with “Why dont you step aside and fill this out while I help another customer” was not a good sign. Hello, I am good thank you, how are you would have been so much more comforting.

Anyway, I was unsuccessful because I didn’t have the correct paperwork from Volkswagen, so in 5-7 days I can come back, once they mail it out to me. Talked to VW twice within the hour because the first time he told me the wrong information AGAIN and had to call back. I understand Texas is unique, but I just was frustrated with their lack of knowledge. I left in tears which is not at all a normal thing for me. She made me feel so little, insignificant, and as if I was wasting her time. When I really just was trying to get all of this figured out but had been told a few wrong things along the way.

Instead of getting in my car and immediately turning it over to the Lord, I decided it would be better to send a total rant text to Jordan who is in the middle of his work day in Korea. Needless to say, I needed his support and coming home to an empty apartment wasn’t super fun. But I could have handled it so much better, which is why I was thankful for today’s Bible study verse.

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. {Phil 4:8}

So tonight for example because it is fresh in my brain, I was able to perceive that the way the lady was treating me was most definitely not lovely or noble. Sure, she was being true and just since she was merely stating facts and I recognized that the car company who I am leasing through dropped the initial ball on this one, but she still did not have to continually interrupt and belittle me. Yes, when I left there in tears, I chose to meditate on her character and treatment towards me, rather than on things that are of virtue or praiseworthy. This verse tells me that we must CHOOSE actively to change our thinking. I read somewhere that the only way to defeat evil thoughts is to think differently. We must hold each thought captive before we respond or speak on it.

I pray for her and a softening of her heart. But through this I have learned not only what makes me tick unlike anything else, but more importantly the importance in intentionally choosing how to react to things out of our control. Her behavior was something that I had no control over, but what I did with that afterward was in my control. Meditating on things of virtue, lovely things, and praiseworthy things will never leave me feeling unsatisfied.

Thank you for letting me process this through writing. Now, I think I will have some ice cream, read, and go to sleep. 20140205_203658

Sending my love your way!

Abby Dawn


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