Weekend Recap & Bachelor Wedding Thoughts

Oh Monday morning, why do you always come so quickly? Jordan and I have been getting up around 6 am on M/W/F to get a workout in before heading into our respective offices and most days I only hit the alarm twice, but this morning I went for a 3rd snooze. After we both worked out (him at Lifetime and me at LA Fitness) he called me and said he had a hard time waking up at the gym and I agreed. If you are wondering why he goes to the awesome gym and I go to the okay gym, it is because of location purposes, him having a Lifetime membership for years now, and because I get a “teacher” discount at LA. A gym is a gym and it gets the job done.

Today I did a quick 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, followed by 15 minutes of continuous bent over rows with weights, squats, high pulls, burpees, push ups, and reverse lunges {a circuit workout I took from a girl on Instagram that I follow}. After I completed a few rounds of that, I jumped back on the elliptical to cool down before hopping into the shower. You can always tell when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees in Dallas because that is all the ladies complain  chat about in the locker room. I might put in headphones next time, because this really isn’t the cold like some of you are experiencing right now.

This weekend was a busy one for us, which may be the reason they go by so quickly. Friday night we went up to Little Elm, a cute suburb about 20 minutes from us, to have dinner at our new friends’ house. They made us delicious pasta and not just one, but TWO desserts. And these weren’t just cookies or ice cream desserts, they were fancy desserts. The first was a pumpkin souffle, followed by a caramel-y bunt cake infused with some sort of liquor. They were way too good. He also insisted that we watch “The Man From Snowy River.” You ever seen it? I have to say, for a 1982 ranch film, it wasn’t bad. I stayed awake which was a feat in itself. It was a great time and fun to meet some more people around the area.

Saturday we attempted yoga which ended up being more of an ab workout from all the laughing that I did. I could not look at Jordan or even in the mirror without losing it. Needless to say, we are not very flexible. We definitely took the instructor’s advice to heart when she said “Make each pose your own, it doesn’t matter how it looks.” So even if my friend next to me could reach past her feet, my reach down to my shins was totally acceptable. After all, it was my own pose. IMG_20140125_122045

After yoga it was absolutely beautiful outside so we went to my favorite place in Plano called Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and walked around with our friends and their precious little 2-year old. I was so thankful to have been able to go there 3 times last week! We followed that by seeing the hilarious Tim Hawkins perform with his parents at their church, and then they took us to dinner. Salmon with a side of spaghetti for this girl. Had pasta 3 nights in a row, talk about carb overload. IMG_20140126_140656

Sunday was another busy one but awesome because the temperatures reached 70 degrees, so we spent a lot of time outside. Jordan and his dad golfed, so his mom and I rode along for the back 9. Then we enjoyed some dinner on the course, and headed home to watch Jordan’s favorite show. The Bachelor!! 20140126_163548

Just kidding, he says he can’t stand it, yet watches it with me. I am not even sure why I watch it considering I am the worst TV watcher. For some reason, I am drawn to that show merely to see the dynamics of these relationships (both within the house and outside of it), of course the drama, and mostly to see all the cool places they go. I am not really loving this season, but I have enjoyed last weekend’s show about the successful marriage stories that have come from previous seasons, as well as last night’s wedding.

Okay so some of it, i.e. them showing “live footage” of their empty honeymoon suite and Catherine’s extremely cheesy vows I could have done without. But, overall I was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis ABC put on talking about Sean and Catherine’s stand to abstain from sex until their wedding night. I thought it was an awesome opportunity for them to share their testimony for millions to see. I also loved the Gospel-centered message his dad gave during the ceremony. Not sure if he is a pastor or not, but he sure sounded like one. They made it seem like Christ is truly at the center of their relationship which was something you hardly ever see on National television. Overall, I was surprised by the depth and authenticity of their marriage and hope they have a successful marriage.

I am always thankful for the weekends, especially when I am able to spend time outside. It sure doesn’t seem like the January I am used to. Sunshine in the winter? That is just absurd! 🙂

I hope you have a great start to your week! Jordan leaves for South Korea for work this Sunday, so I will definitely be enjoying my evenings with him this week.

Abby Dawn

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