Giddy Up

Two days later and I am still feeling the affects of Trouble. Trouble was the name of the beautiful Tennessee Rider that I rode on Saturday and although I did not fall off or have any difficulties riding him/her my back is sure sore. Besides the minor aches and pains, it was well-worth it and definitely one of my favorite days since moving to Texas.

A friend of our friend invited him out to his families ranch in Lindale, Texas on Saturday and he kindly extended the invite to us. Without hesitation we agreed, grabbed Starbucks early Saturday morning and drove out to East Texas. Talk about a drastic difference from Dallas. I mean, this place is what you picture when you hear of a Texas Ranch. It was absolutely beautiful and my few pictures do not even do justice. I think the best part for me was how nostalgic aspects of the property felt (besides the horseback riding).

My grandpa (mom’s dad) who passed away when I was 2, passed down to us 50 acres of land in a town called Indianola, Iowa. That land was my dad’s baby so to speak and would spend hours (with the help of other people) to make that property a place where people could congregate and enjoy the outdoors. I have so many memories of sleeping in tents, sitting around the campfire, canoe-races, fishing, zip lining, low ropes courses, and countless hikes through the trails. I felt free there, free to run around, free to not shower for a couple days, and free to forget about whatever homework or responsibilities I had to do back home. To this day, it is still one of my very favorite places and extremely special to my family. This ranch for me was a little piece of that.

Okay so 300+ acres of that. The extremely hospital guy who led the trail ride and gave us a tour of the property, mentioned that they hold Father/Teen camps out there every year and he went into detail about some of the activities that took place. The majority of what he said, instantly took me back to the church camps and father/daughter camps out on our land. This day was really needed for me, as I miss family all the time. I am so thankful to have been invited out there, and look forward to possibly serving at their camp in April.

Here are a few pictures of our land back home that I had taken when my oldest sister got married there: 183672_10100271116862070_1721452852_n 427286_10100271115449900_721679757_n 527076_10100271116248300_1953686349_n

And then these are pictures from Saturday: 20140118_083157 20140118_084714 20140118_085348 20140118_100151 20140118_122705 20140118_141310 20140118_150157

In other news, my online Bible study is in full swing as of Monday when we started the 8-week Intentionally Focused study. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I have been getting out of it. They have introduced to me, and I’d guess many others, this new method of studying the Bible called the SOAP (scripture, observations, applications, and prayer) method. It causes you to really chew on 1 verse each day and it amazes me how I will receive 15 different points of view stemming from the exact same verse. I will try to keep you informed of our daily verses or at least a couple per week in case you want to join us in this.

S: Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.

O: When I hear the word children, I instantly think of my nieces and nephew who are little sponges. They watch and imitate everything “Aunt Abby” does. They so desperately want to do what I do, and are diligent students of their aunt. We are God’s precious children who should have that same yearning to imitate Him.

A: I believe because parents/role models/famous people are more physically tangible to us, it is easier to imitate them. Being in the word more often and truly studying every behavior and action of the Lord, will make imitating Him come more naturally.

P: Lord, I thank you for this study and the number of women who pour into me daily. You are the only person I should desire to imitate. I may I be more intentional in reading your Word, filling my spare time with you, so that I may see your glory all day long. Lord, may I be a light to others of what a loving and gracious person looks like. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and also for giving me an earthly Father who I was able to look up to. No one compares to you though Lord. I want others to see Christ through me. Forgive me for my shortcomings. Amen

Tuesday 1/21 SOAP:

S: So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom {Psalm 90:12}

O: I have heard or read this verse numerous times, yet never let it marinade like I did this morning or truly think about it. To number anything means we no longer assume that we have infinite days to live, which can have a tendency to cause us to just go through the motions in life.

A: Even though I am only 25 and just starting out my marriage, career, etc, that does not exclude me from the people who must number their days. We all are instructed to do this so that we make the most out of every single day. However, we must learn how to do this by studying God’s word and being intentional in what we spend our free time doing. I know that the more time I am spending reading my Bible, the more aware I am of every single day. Rather than going through the motions, I am living much more intentionally.

P: Lord, I thank you for another day, a new dawning to live for You and to do better than I did yesterday. Help give me the strength to not just go through the motions, but to fix my eyes on you at work, at home, at the gym, when I eat, etc. May you bless these women today, whether they are heading into work  or at home with their precious children. I desire to gain a heart of wisdom, and understanding that is only possible if I am constantly in pursuit of you.

Shoot me an email (can find in the About Me page) or comment below with your email address if you would be interested in joining me in this SOAP method over the next 8 weeks. I’d be happy to email you the scripture we are doing each day and then I’d love to hear your “SOAP!”

Have a great afternoon y’all!

Abby Dawn

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