Revisiting 2013 Goals

So it’s Tuesday, which means ?? Do you ever think about the fact that every other day of the week has a thought or feeling attached to it? There is mundane Monday, hump day Wednesday, Thursday is the eve of Friday which brings great joy to us, Friday is…well TGIF, Saturday’s are the greatest day of the week, and Sunday means church, followed by resting all day. I have tried to figure out what my feelings towards Tuesday’s are, but I’ve got nothing for you. So maybe you can let me know your what thoughts about Tuesday’s are and in the mean time it will just be Tuesday.

So exactly one year ago from today, I shared with you my goals for 2013. I talked about how I don’t typically make resolutions, but rather goals because in my mind, those are more grace-filled. As with any goal, it is always good to follow-up and see how we did in accomplishing them. So I did that, and here is how I did.

1. Eat breakfast….everyday. I am never hungry in the mornings and all my body is craving is coffee and maybe a piece of fruit. I’ve been told over and over and over again that is not healthy. Just got done eating a {non-toasted} English muffin. I’ve had better, but hey, it’s fuel to my body!

Almond milk, peanut butter, banana, chia seeds, and vanilla protein powder makes one delicious breakfast!

I can proudly report that I now have to get something in my body every morning. Whether that be cereal, toast & peanut/almond butter, eggs which I go through phases with, or a smoothie. Coffee and a piece of fruit no longer suffices, and in fact I start feeling queasy around 9 am if I ever do that anymore. On Saturday’s, Jordan usually makes a big breakfast or brunch depending on when we decide to get out of bed which typically consists of pancakes or french toast and scrambled eggs. He is the best breakfast maker ever, well besides my brother who used to make some mean french toast.

2. Be more consistent and prompt when sending out cards. I am pretty good about thank-you’s, but I want to be more intentional in sending notes for various occasions.

Funny this was one of my goals, considering I had about 150 cards to send out after we were blessed beyond words with wedding gifts. I am still working on the last 20 or so and still need to write my thank-you’s from Christmas, but we have definitely made a dent in the list. It did not help the process when I left several cards I had already written, as well as the list yet to be done in the rental car from Des Moines to Kansas City. Unfortunately they were unable to find the very large envelope that I placed them in. So I did my very best to remember everything in there. As far as sending out cards for no specific reason, I need to do a better job at that. I love stamping and making cards, so I hope to work on that during 2014. I absolutely love receiving cards in the mail, so I’d love to help others feel that same excitement. 14665388_201308072052

3. Planning meals and actually bringing them in for lunch at work. This would mean making a big batch of something on Sunday’s. I think it would save money in the long run and also I would eat healthier.

So I am baking cookies there, but you get the point.

Being married has helped immensely with this one! Now that I am cooking for two, I have no choice but to cook a legitimate dinner. I say legitimate, because when Jordan is out of town, my dinners are quite pathetic. Last night was the most normal meal I have made when he has traveled {seasoned sweet potatoes and parmesan basil orzo}. Otherwise, you could find me eating crackers-n-hummus, dill pickles, and tuna. So good. Anyway, I do love cooking and find it to be very relaxing after working all day. So I either take leftovers for my lunch, or pack one with our groceries. Grocery shopping was another thing I used to be pretty pathetic at. I just would get distracted by random foods or overwhelmed with the amount of people in there. But now that J and I usually go together on the weekends to Costco and Target, I actually look forward to it. Plus there are samples if we go at the right time which is an added bonus for this snacker. So all-in-all, I am much improved on this one. Thanks to my sweet husband who loves good food.

4. Consistent and quality quiet time every single day. Night’s seem better than mornings for me, I just need to set aside a longer amount of time and be free of distractions. I can always get better at this.

Ugh I wish I could say that this is no longer a goal. It amazes me how I can fill my mornings and evenings with so many other things besides 30 minutes set aside to thank the One who provided all of this for me. I can still get so much better at this and desire to, it just takes effort. I recently joined an online Bible study with other women who will pour into me daily with observations from the passages we go through together. Today is the first day and we are still getting to know each other through the email threads, but it has already been so encouraging. Face to face community is extremely important and I hope to be in a women’s Bible study around here soon, but this is just another little way to stay in the Word throughout the day. Ironically, one of the members is from Des Moines also which was kinda fun! I will let you know how it is as we get started on the study, and whether or not I would recommend it to you. Moral of the story, I can get better and hope to.

As far as 2014 goes, I guess my main focus right now is to be a really great wife to Jordan. Almost 2 months into marriage, we are still learning a lot and thoroughly enjoying the process. I think it is safe to say that marriage is a very humbling process. Marriage and living with somebody is most definitely a learning curve and takes insane amounts of communication. My goal is to make year 1 of marriage a year full of growth, fun and exploration, and to constantly be learning about this man who I love dearly. IMG_20140112_162709

Have an awesome evening & thanks for reading!

Abby Dawn

5 thoughts on “Revisiting 2013 Goals

  1. Abby I love these! I can definanely relate to some. I’m a breakfast eater so nothing on that front but making real dinners ie meal planning and quiet time are definanely on my need to improve list! Hope you are doing well. Would love to meet for coffee sometime!

    1. Jessica-But you are one incredible baker! I love seeing all of your creations and they always make me SO hungry. I would love to get together for coffee sometime and catch up. What days/times are good for you?? I hope your precious family is doing well!

  2. Tuesdays is great for us! My hubby and I have small group and my parent’s babysit our 15 month old! 🙂 Plus since hubby is remodeling our new home I don’t see him throughout the week, but he does drive home to see us and attend small group. 🙂

    1. So you should call it Terrific Tuesday maybe?? That does sound like a great day. How is the house remodel coming along??

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