Showered With Love

Talk about suffering from the Monday blues. As always, the weekend ended way too quickly, but this one especially since my mom was down in Dallas. I miss my family every single day, so seeing her was much needed & much appreciated. My mama is the sweetest, most encouraging woman in the whole wide world.

We filled our time with lots of laughter, wedding-talk, shopping, furniture hunting {J & I purchased a dining table, yay}, dinner with the Hawley’s, and relaxing by the fireplace on Saturday night. Sunday was even better, as we went to church at The Village, breakfast with our friend Nicole who was in town, an AWESOME ladies shower {see below}, a walk at Arbor Hills, and more wedding planning. With Jordan and I planning an Iowa wedding from Texas, with minimal time in Iowa, it was such a relief to sit down with mom & discuss the logistics of that entire weekend. She has been a huge help to us with this wedding. I really don’t know how we could do it without her assistance up in Des Moines. Throughout the planning months, I have realized how thankful I am for our relationship. I see with so many brides, how relationships with their mother’s are tested so much due to different opinions on things. Mom and I are both very laid back and she has just encouraged my vision and gone with that.

So now let’s chat about my Iowa-themed bridal shower in which Vicki {my pseudo mom & roommate for the last few months who I love dearly} and Phoebe {friend of Jordan’s mom} put on. I was absolutely blown away by the number of women there to celebrate our upcoming wedding. To hear how much they love Jordan and his family was so sweet. Even though these ladies did not know me very well (or at all), they were so excited for us. I could not believe the small details that were put into making it so special. From the Iowa plate and flags, to the map of Iowa, it truly felt like home. I also was surprised by the number of women either from Iowa, or with a strong Iowa connection. They most definitely put me even more in the wedding spirit and filled my heart with great joy. Oh, and the best gift of all, was Jordan surprising me at the end, as the hostesses had asked him to come serve us ice cream {one of my loves}. It was a sweet touch 🙂

Mother of the bride & mother of the groom
Just missing my dad!
I go way back with these two
Explaining our long-standing friendship
So many women with Iowa connections! love it
Way too many thoughtful gifts
Chopsticks for beginners, because I am awful at them!
That’s right Jord!
With the beautiful hosts!!
Iowa plate!

Definitely a weekend I will never forget. Thank you mama for coming down to see me this weekend….I love you lots!!


Have a great week! J & I are heading back to Columbia this weekend to see friends and go to the Mizzou VS. Tennessee game. I am excited to watch the guys play again and praying for a W, especially after Saturday’s absolute heart breaker. Oh, and we also get to pick up our keys to our new place this Friday!!! I will then be moving in next weekend and Jordan will after the wedding. So many exciting things, no wonder I can never sleep!!

Much love,

Abby Dawn

One thought on “Showered With Love

  1. Abby, it sounds like Love took everyone hostage this weekend! What blessing to hear about it ! So excited for you. And so glad that mama of yours could be there. There is no time or distance that can separate hearts that are joined deeply. But when they get to gather together in one place…. it is beyond joy!! Praying for you and Jordan.

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