An Unexpected Surprise

As I fly above the clouds, I can’t help but think about my Grandmother’s soul being lifted into the clouds, greeted by the welcoming arms of Jesus. My only grandparent passed away last week, and finally met her Savior. I get chills picturing this glorious homecoming and my heart is filled with joy knowing that not only is she with the Lord, but she is also reunited with her earthly husband, children who have passed, and dear friends.

Grandma was one incredible woman. Some even referred to her as a Saint at her funeral today. I have very fond memories of Grandma playing games with me, playing the piano, and cooking up some DELICIOUS meals. She gave me my sweet tooth and my competitive spirit. Never once would she let me win and although at the time it made me mad, I am now grateful for it. She was constantly using her hands to serve others and I am confident that there will be great reward for her in heaven.

>>>insert the best interruption ever<<<

After I began writing in my Journal which is doubling as today’s blog post , something happened that I have never experienced before personally. The man next to me points to my Bible & Journal and asks me if I am attending Seminary school down in Dallas. I think this was his very political way of trying to figure out exactly what I was doing. After I said to him, “No, I am just doing a little reading and reflecting,” I began to get to know him and his wife. Bill and Susan were their names.

I had noticed them right as I sat down, because of their joyful and charismatic personalities. They just looked like really hope-filled people, plus he had awesome curly hair which one could not miss. Anyway, after some job talk, church talk, and Jesus talk, he asked me if as a fellow believer he and his wife could pray for me. I said “Of course, that would mean the world to me” (thinking he meant later on).

Oh no, right then and there, Bill and Susan each grab one of my hands and pray for me. There we were in aisle 24 on the American Airlines flight from Detroit to Dallas, Bill prays for my life. He then prays for my upcoming marriage and that if the Lord blesses us with children, that they are healthy and come to know Jesus at a young age. He prayed that I would keep my eyes on the Lord and continue to let my light shine for others to see. Enter the happiest of tears.

The Lord knew what he was doing when he sat us together on that flight. He knew I needed some encouragement and love after a very bittersweet couple of days celebrating Grandma’s life. Emotions are everywhere right now and my exhaustion level is at an all-time high, but my heart is more full than it has been in a long time. God is good and everyday I am reminded of that.

The lesson for me in this conversation with Bill and Susan was to give strangers a chance. You don’t know what they are going through, how they may be able to lift you up, or how you could help them just by listening.

Have a safe, relaxing, and blessed Labor Day weekend. I am off to Boston for the weekend to celebrate my upcoming wedding with my sisters and best friend! I am so excited to visit the East Coast and spend some quality QT with them.


Much love!


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