High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great week & that you will have an even better weekend because after all, weekends are the best. This weekend for me includes a date night this evening, addressing Save the Dates (thank you in advance to my future mother and sister-in-law who will be helping me), Bishop Arts District fun, and more wedding stuff. Hoping for a productive, restful, and fun weekend.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week…

PicMonkey Collage

1. Target. Everything about it, especially sales and the dollar spot. However, to my surprise, underneath that little orange sticker my nail polish says “fuzzy coat.” It sort of looks like grass is growing on my nails. Moral of the story: don’t just buy something because you love the color & price. There is a reason we have a “Target” allotment in our budget.

2. New little twist to my typical bun. Very easy and works wonderfully with non-washed hair :).

3. The cutest little coffee shop less than 2 miles from my office. I am a sucker for iced coffee and theirs was delish!

4. Jordan and I received our very first wedding gift from Crate & Barrel! How adorable are these little ice cream bowls. Jordan said they won’t be big enough for him. Our sweet mentor couple in our premarital class gave them to us!

It is the small things in life that brighten my days.

I am off to make an appearance at a staff BBQ and then on to eat some sushi with my man. TGIF!

-Abby Dawn

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