Do Everything In…

Love. {1 Corinthians 16:14}

We all know that to love and be loved is the strongest form of affection and the most obvious way of feeling as though we belong in this big world. I know personally I am quicker to notice when I am not feeling loved, than to recognize when I do feel loved. For example, I quickly become hurt and offended when somebody was rude or inconsiderate towards me. Yet, I overlook and even take for granted the times when people are kind towards me and show me love. Why does love become an expectation?

Love is a visible image of an invisible God. We are commanded to love others and to show the world that we are the Lord’s disciple by the way we treat one other. 1 John 4:19 tells us that “we love because He first loved us.” So this expectation that I have about the way I am to treat others, as well as the way they are to treat me is a direct result of the way I am loved by my Savior.

When I am completely abiding with Jesus, my love meter is overflowing. It is easy to serve others, to selflessly give myself up for the sake of others, to compliment others, and simply to be kind to every person I come into contact with. However, when I am trying to do life on my own and living selfishly, it is near impossible to love and serve somebody else.

As I prepare to become a wife, and with our premarital class wrapping up tomorrow evening, I have really been challenged to love better. It can be really hard to love, because it involves putting others before myself. There were 5 simple points about love that I took away from a sermon a few weeks ago and I actually plan to create a piece of artwork using this material to put in our future place.

1. love SEEKS

I must continually pursue Jordan with all of my heart. This involves dating him, constantly learning about him through question-asking/observation, and spending good old quality time together {which happens to be one of my love languages}. Seeking one another means delighting in each other. This makes me think of my dad because just recently while J & I were talking to my parents on the phone, my dad challenged him to always delight in me. I thought it was such a sweet way of explaining one way of showing love.

2. love SPEAKS

To love somebody means to give them the honest truth, even when it hurts. It means having those really hard conversations and it can also mean calling your significant other out on a sin. Silence in the midst of a sin is a sin. In other words, let the Holy Spirit guide and direct those hard conversations, because ultimately it shows great love for that other person. Love is also shown through compliments, words of affirmation, etc. And lastly, it means being vulnerable and opening up your entire heart to that person you are in love with.

3. love SERVES

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” {Genesis 2:18} Eve was created to be Adam’s helper, companion, and the one who would complete him. Therefore, I am to serve and help Jordan at all times. They way I will serve Him might look completely different that he way he serves me, but regardless, we are to continually serve each other, even when we don’t feel like it.


John 3:16…enough said.

5. love STAYS

To me, this looks like the true meaning of unconditional & unending love. Not a love dependent on circumstances, or choices our significant other made; but rather a love that is constantly present. This also means talking things out, working through the tough times, and living out “til death do you part.”

I feel blessed, excited, and challenged to constantly seek, speak to, serve, sacrifice, and stay with this man until our time on earth ends.

I will leave you with a few engagement photos that we recently got back from the highly talented and super-sweet Kelly Hornberger {}.

602736_10100554365240050_236071376_n 995745_10100554367740040_1093498948_n (1) 998415_10100554365574380_765209363_n (1) 999831_10100554367405710_67904383_n

Have a great evening! Go show someone how much you love them. 🙂

Abby Dawn

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