I’ve Moved!

Hi y’all 😉

Today marks my very first blog post since I moved down to Texas! I have settled in nicely and am getting used to life in a MUCH larger and more fast-paced city. To my comfort level, and in an effort to avoid crazy-aggressive drivers downtown, I have found my home in the suburbs.

I cannot even express how thankful I am for the blessings that have been laid out in front of me through this transition. From the job I landed, to the home I am staying in until we get married. God has provided in unbelievable ways and it amazes me every single day.

Speaking of getting married, we are less than 5 months away and I couldn’t be more excited to become a wife & marry Jordan! He has been a HUGE help in the planning process and we have been able to knock things off of our list pretty quickly. Planning an Iowa wedding from Texas most definitely could have been a challenge, and I anticipate it may be at times, however so far things have really worked out seamlessly.

Planning a wedding has really brought my frugality & creativity to a new level. Jordan and I have a very modest budget which we are trying to stay under and to say it has its tough moments is an understatement. Knowing that the reception is going to be over half of our budget, we have been able to cut back drastically in other areas. I have learned that all you need to do is research, call around, negotiate, and don’t settle unless it is within your price range.

So far, we are right on track with the finance aspect of the wedding. I imagine little things will pop up as the big day approaches, but for now I am grateful. In more exciting news than money talk, we have officially booked our honeymoon!! I let Jordan take the lead on this one because he has much more traveling experience than I do, and I know he LOVES planning trips.

While we were having dinner with our friends, Matt and Haleigh last weekend, they told us about a beach in Mexico which they visited and had a wonderful experience. Thanks to their suggestion paired with good timing, we booked that baby! Bring on the beach, spa, scuba diving {getting certified soon}, all-inclusive amenities, oh and my husband!!

In preparation for all of those really fun and exciting things, we have immersed ourselves in a premarital class down here called Merge at Watermark church. The speakers and curriculum are biblically based and full of wisdom. The aspect we like most about it is the individuals in our little community group. Going through this phase of life with other believers is so comforting and beneficial. Knowing we are not alone in our struggles, as well as having the ability to help others learn from our relationship has been awesome.

Jord and I are still church shopping, as we are trying to find the best fit for the both of us. Something tells me that in the midst of the Bible belt, we will have no problem choosing one and getting plugged in. The two that we have checked out {Village and Watermark} have been so great.

Next topic to update you on is my new job! Although I am no longer at Mizzou or working with student-athletes, I am still in higher education and working with students coping with disabilities of all types. The new environment and work atmosphere is so wonderful. My Director right off the bat was SO welcoming and accommodating. She has such a positive attitude and vigor for life which I admire. The summers on college campuses are rather slow, which has allowed me the chance to settle in and become familiar with the campus before fall starts up.

Work is a “quick” 25 minute drive from where I am living. I say quick in quotation marks because according to big city people, that is not a long drive at all. This Iowa girl is used to getting anywhere in about 10-12 minutes so it took some getting used to. Anyway, the Lord provided a gorgeous home in the suburbs for me. I am living with incredibly kind and selfless individuals and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity. It allows me to save some money to put towards our wedding, as well as being in close proximity to Jordan’s house so that we can hangout after work.

God is good, life is great, and I feel blessed. In the short-term, I am looking forward to a mani/pedi and dinner date with my bff, McKenzee. And then this weekend Jordan and I are Houston-bound for engagement pictures! Not only that, but we will get to see several friends. I am preparing myself for the 100+ degrees and lots of fun traffic {Houston is the absolute worst}. All in all, it will totally be worth it!

Speaking of engagement pictures, I want to give a huge shout out to my friend Taylor who helped us style our outfits all the way from Iowa City, Iowa! I knew that she was a personal stylist, so I texted her and she was able to assist me. She is very gifted in coordinating outfits, accessorizing, etc. All things I am not great at! Check out her website here http://partaystyling.blogspot.com/. Thanks girl!

Enjoy a few of my Instagram pictures from the last month or so…

I have taken up spinning class & really like it!
The center of UT Dallas campus where I work.
1 year down, so many more to come!

IMG_20130609_192427 IMG_20130616_182826 IMG_20130619_174905 IMG_20130622_214617 IMG_20130623_214311

I hope you are doing well and thank you so much for catching up with me! See ya next time!

Abby Dawn

{Put your giftedness to work, joyfully cooperate with the giftedness of those around you, and let the wind of the Spirit use you for His glory!}

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