The {Sweetest} Proposal

Hello! How are you? I am engaged & knee-deep in the wedding planning process! With a wedding date set for this coming November, Jordan and I have been consumed with figuring out the major details of our big day. After posting an album on Facebook of the photos from the magical evening, I had several people asking to tell the whole story. So here goes!

my fiance!
my fiance!

After I have had a couple weeks to process that emotional weekend and after looking through the photos of the entire engagement, I thoroughly realize how much Jordan put into making this night an evening I would NEVER forget.

Between graduating with our Master’s degrees, my mom {dad was doing a wedding} and his parents coming into town, oh and my best friend McKenzee surprising me, and saying goodbye to close friends, it was A LOT for one person to take in. For being a pretty emotionally-consistent person, all of this excitement, surprise, sadness, etc. was slightly draining. Not to mention I wasn’t sleeping very well that weekend b/c of all the changes on the horizon/mixed with all the festivities.

IMG_20130518_151948 IMG_20130518_184348

Sunday afternoon, after we wrapped up church and lunch, everyone “left town.” or so I thought. It was back to our normal life in Columbia and it was time for me to pack up my entire apartment in preparation to move shortly thereafter. I remember leaving Jordan’s house where we had just said our goodbyes to our family & friends, and just laying on my bed. I didn’t even know what I was feeling, besides exhausted and slightly foolish b/c I had honestly gotten my hopes up that this weekend was going to be it. Why else would my best friend come from Dallas? Surely it wasn’t to watch me walk across the stage & accept a piece of paper.IMG_20130519_142738

But nothing. Nothing happened at dinner before the graduation ceremony and nothing happened at brunch before they all left. So I am just laying there realizing that McKenzee, my mom, & the manicure J gave me for graduation was all just a coincidence. With Jordan coming over an hour into my sulking, naturally he realized I was a hot mess and needed to chat. Not exactly fun telling your boyfriend that you thought he was going to propose to you but then didn’t. Being the sweet & loving guy he is, he just hugged me and apologized as he could see how I maybe thought that was going to happen.

We had already planned to eat at our favorite {first date place} restaurant that night since it was our last weekend in Columbia and to celebrate graduation just the two of us. I tried telling him I would rather just stay in and pack, he insisted. You mean I have to like get ready and you want me to put a dress on?? Fine, but I am not going to do my hair. nope, it is staying up.

An hour after he left to get ready, he came back wearing slacks and a tie. Although I thought it was a little dressy, he looked good so i didn’t really care too much. I was still super tired and a little out of it. In fact, I later find out that the reason he went the super-long & made-no-sense route to dinner was to dodge my family who may have been driving on our usual route. Sneaky!

Anyway, we ate a delicious dinner and then proceeded to take a walk on a trail which was no stranger to us. In fact, last fall it is the exact same place Jordan told me he loved me. So I also didn’t think it was that weird that we went on a walk.

As we are chatting, dodging tree branches, and hoping the rain held off, I saw lights up ahead. Being curious as to what is going on, I tell him we must investigate! And of course, he nods as I am feeding into his detailed plan.

We then come across a sign painted by his sister which set the stage for the most magical evening of my life. We continue walking and to my absolute surprise, he had arranged for my entire immediate family to partake in the proposal, as well as his family {who had faked a departure to mess with my emotions and eliminate any thoughts of him proposing at dinner}. Our family members plus McKenzee were each standing next to a different tiki torch holding a rose in which attached to it was one thing Jordan loved about me.


At the end I see my dad and sorta lost it. Jordan kindly reminded me that all of this was not over yet. So he then led me up to that same special spot of ours which was lined with candles & rose petals. We went up to the perch which overlooks part of the city and he said so many wonderful things. I think i was saying yes before he even finished!

Following this amazing proposal was a party at our dear friends, Phil & Ramona’s house in which so many of our friends and coworkers were waiting to congratulate us.

292978_10100489562944370_645777439_n 293001_10100489563408440_327638676_n21103_10100489563538180_259394847_n 487596_10100489564141970_1271471719_n575660_10100489563448360_1638068528_n 579269_10100489565958330_1288906725_n 970604_10100489562909440_677752275_n603711_10100489564087080_511016918_n 969836_10100489563947360_1416921108_n 947154_10100489563568120_1665247855_n946553_10100489563792670_1619699800_n385285_10100489564236780_263863188_n 942536_10100489564336580_1257843965_n 935432_10100489564446360_629754226_n481466_10100489564930390_1440742578_nThe entire thing absolutely blew me away. I later find out Jord had emailed out a 4-page itinerary for all of the individuals involved. Not only that, but my family had kept this all under wraps for at least a month. No wonder they weren’t talking to me much! He is amazing and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Thank you to everyone who made this night so incredibly special!!

It has been so wonderful to be home for a little bit to figure out ceremony & reception sites, as well as spending lots of quality time with my mama as she is about to see her 4th & final child get married.

Next week I will be making the journey down to Dallas to begin a new chapter there. Work begins June 10th, so lots is going on in my world! Jordan has been a huge help throughout this planning process and it will definitely be a phase of our relationship we will look back on and be so thankful for each others help. Crazy in 6 months I will be Mrs. Hawley. can.not.wait!!

Thank you all for the sweet calls, texts, and Facebook messages. It means so much to us! I will post when I can. I am also in the process of creating a wedding website on Oofta, so much to do!

Much love & blessings to you!

Abby Dawn

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