Nowadays Part 2

Nowadays, I am…

Thanking Jesus for: his provision on my life. I am SO excited to say that I officially have a job! After applying to two different Universities, a position was offered to me earlier this week. The location really could not be more perfect, and I am looking forward to the new challenge as an Assistant Director in the Office of Student AccessAbility at the University of Texas at Dallas. The simplest way of explaining my role is serving as a liaison between students with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities and faculty and professors. I will assist in providing accommodations, educating faculty on disabilities, and everything else that comes my way.

Wearing: anything lace. Lace dresses, skirts, tops. You name it. I love how girly & vintage-y it is. It makes me want to throw on some cowgirl boots and drink sweet tea out of a mason jar. I am currently wearing one of my sister’s coral lace dresses. This came from our most recent “sister swap.”

Excited about: getting a new cell phone!! I used to be really pretty good about keeping up with the latest phones and having ones that were reliable, would stay charged, weren’t falling apart, etc. And then Grad School happened and I quickly did not care about my phone. As long as I could text, call, and email, I was good. Plus, I had Jordan’s iPhone to use Instagram & Pinterest (thanks Babe). With my contract about up and me needing a dependable phone that will stay charged past noon, I have decided to bite the bullet and get one of those fancy Galaxy s4 or 4s, whatever it is. Should be pretty fun!

My loyal Blackberry

Eatingdrinking coffee with a shot of espresso to wake me up. I have been doing so many other things lately than sleeping. Just too much excitement these days to sleep!

Praying for: direction as to where I should live, and who I should live with. Now that I know where I will be working, I can look to find living near there, I am just trying to figure out the best way to save some money, as the first few months of a new transition are always tough on the budget.

Listening to: 90’s pop, what else.

Watching: Pitch Perfect. okay, so I really did not understand the hype surrounding this movie. It sounded corny and High School Musical-ish to me for the longest time. That is until last Friday evening when I poured myself a glass of wine and decided to give it a try. My sweet roommate let me borrow her copy and absolutely raved about the movie. She is a  movie guru, so I figured she knew a thing or two about good flicks. I’ve got to admit, I was thoroughly engaged for 95% of the movie. It was lighthearted, catchy, and actually had some great singers. 

Challenged by: something I heard in Sunday’s sermon regarding image. In a world filled with self-improvement books/speakers/podcasts, endless makeup commercials, and dieting tips up the wazoo, it is nearly impossible to not find yourself feeling inadequate. Our pastor was talking about how self-defeating and judgmental thoughts impede divine thoughts. He also stated this which I absolutely loved, “If we want to improve on our physical image, we must first work on our relationship with the Lord. Being created in God’s image is the most beautiful image we could ever want.” I have been thinking about that statement all week. Any time I catch myself comparing myself to others or having a desire to improve my physical appearance, I remind myself that being created in God’s image is already so beautiful and that I need to spend more time in the Word to gain that confidence in Him about myself. An eternal confidence that money cannot buy, makeup cannot cover, and clothes cannot enhance. 

Experienced for the first time: a Ben Rector concert at the Blue Note, driving a boat {being a passenger is so much more relaxing}, and looking at benefits/retirement/insurance/etc. I am learning all about what getting a full-time job entails. There is so much to think about! Good thing I have a boyfriend who enjoys breaking all of that stuff down for me. In fact, yesterday he informed me that he already figured out how much each month I will need to spend on health and dental insurance. I just smiled and listened. Something tells me I will be in good hands with that handsome man.

Picture from Lake of the Ozarks last night. I will miss this place!
Picture from Lake of the Ozarks last night. I will miss this place!

What are you into these days? I would love to hear.

Happy Wednesday!

Abby Dawn

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