I’ve Missed You!

I’m back! My sincerest apologies for taking a leave of absence from the blog. I have missed writing and now that school is finished {yes, for life} I gladly welcome blog-writing over school-writing. I cannot believe that today is May 13th, nor can I believe that this Saturday is graduation, and that this week is my last full week of work down here. The reality of one chapter of my life closing is hitting hard these days.

The “last time doing this” things have begun and the goodbyes are happening. As bittersweet as it will be to leave Columbia and all of the wonderful people I feel blessed to have met, I am very excited for what lies ahead. I am trusting that just as the Lord took care of me in a new city without a single friend when I moved here almost two years ago, he will take care of me through my next adventure.

Speaking of adventures and new chapters, I am anxiously anticipating the move down to the Big (literally massive) city of Dallas. In fact, thanks to my {all big city kinda gal} McKenzee for texting me this fact, Dallas is now the 4th largest Metropolitan area in the United States.

>>>>Insert deep breath<<<<

I can already hear the suburbs calling my name and I am only 25 years old. In all seriousness though, I really can’t wait to move down there. Dallas is a wonderful city filled with such great people. Not to mention the endless things to do, incredible churches, and of course the shopping/restaurants. I am confident I will learn to love the big city living and find my little niche among millions of people, next to very tall buildings.

The last few weeks have been very busy! In between finishing up school, applying, and interviewing for jobs I was able to also do fun things. Included in those fun things was a road-trip to Milwaukee to spend time with my aunt & uncle which was so wonderful. They are a huge blessing to me and have always been close to my family. Knowing that I will soon be even further from them, we decided to make the trek up there. Every single hour of that drive was well worth it, not to mention it gave Jordan and I quality time to chat.

I figured the easiest way to recap the last month or so would be through photos. Lots to be thankful for!

SAMSUNGwisconsin2225702_10101252014025880_1243040515_n 526416_2339767104113_298823492_n







946015_2360711507710_695765036_n IMG_2550





I really did not know what to expect when I was offered the position at Mizzou around this time two years ago. All I knew was that it was an opened door and a great opportunity to obtain my Master’s degree while working with student-athletes. I am very pleased to say that this experience has been incredible. The time has gone way too fast and I will miss this community dearly.

On a personal level, I have learned a lot about myself and grown spiritually throughout my time here. I think that we all go through different seasons of our lives. Seasons where we are truly on fire for the Lord and feel as though we are flourishing in all facets of life. And then there are seasons where we just feel “blah.” We feel like we are just kinda going through the motions.

In a perfect world we would constantly be experiencing the first half of the two, however life as we all know, is not perfect and we usually have to take the ups with the downs. I feel so blessed to say that the past year has been a really incredible season of my life. I really feel as though I have been working towards becoming the best version of myself. I have met the man I believe in my heart will become my husband, and I have met some really special people who have made doing life so enjoyable.

I am so overwhelmed with Jesus’ blessings on my life and sometimes feel overcome with emotion thinking about how He continually provides. The lyrics “Lord you are good and your mercy endureth forever” has been playing on repeat in my mind all day long. I have been trying my hardest to remain calm and prayerful throughout this entire job search process, and although the  majority of the time I was able to rest in His hands, I had my moments where I began worrying about not getting a job.

God is providing every step of the way and I could not be more thankful. I am also SO thankful for the amount of people who said they were praying for me. I have most definitely seen the impact having a team of people pray for me has had on my life. It is just another reminder to do the same for others.

I am so glad I was able to recap and touch base with you. My sweet mama is coming down this Friday (Dad is doing a wedding) to spend the weekend with me and attend my graduation ceremony. And then next Tuesday, Jordan and I are heading south to Table Rock Lake to spend the week with my family! I could not be more excited to see everyone.

I will write again when I can! Looking forward to settling down in Dallas in a month or so and eventually becoming consistent again in my writing.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the {long-time-coming} warm temperatures. Much love to you all!

Let your light shine!!

Abby Dawn

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