Spring Break Recap

Happy April! I am back from Spring Break and approaching the home stretch as I finish up my graduate assistant position & Masters Degree here in Columbia. I vividly remember this time two years ago as I had just accepted the position down here and prepared myself for a new chapter of my life. God has been so faithful throughout and I am coming out of this experience feeling so blessed to have learned an incredible amount about God’s grace & love for me, the value in quality relationships, and the way He has prepared me for my next transition.

I have been a lot of different places since the last time I blogged! Jordan and I took advantage of the last Spring Break we will have be given as students and took a road trip around the LARGE state of Texas. Pretty sure we could have gotten from the westernmost part of Iowa to the easternmost in the amount of time it took us to get from Houston back to Dallas. Regardless, it was a wonderful & much needed little getaway.

I have documented the highlights of the trip with photos below, but I feel blessed to say that the entire trip was awesome. Each time I go back to Dallas, I feel more and more comfortable with the size & culture of it. I can truly say that I see myself fitting in down there and creating a life I feel at home with. Oh, and a little side note in case you don’t follow me on Facebook…Jordan has accepted a job down in Dallas and I could not be more excited for and proud of him. With that being said, I am looking at jobs heavily in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, so your prayers are greatly appreciated!!

Nearing almost 2,000 miles driven on the trip, and having hit 3 major cities {Dallas, Austin, and Houston} we were ready to be back to our routine back in Missouri, but were thankful to have been able to see so many different places and people. We filled our time in Dallas with lots of quality time with Jordan’s family, my best friend McKenzee, the Arboretum, church, and social gatherings. It was then onto Austin.

Austin definitely lived up to its hype. Between the relaxed atmosphere, to how active the community is, I really enjoyed our time down there. We spent the majority of the time outside by the Lake that runs through downtown and indulged in several delicious restaurants.

After 1.5 days in Austin, we hopped back into the car and headed East to Houston, another city I had never been to. Staying in a northern Suburb with some awesome people, we were away from the hustle and bustle of Houston traffic that I heard so much about. They were incredible hosts and definitely people we see ourselves traveling with in the future. One day we did venture into Houston to experience the Zoo which was a lot of fun. J was able to see so many people that he grew up in Church with and I enjoyed seeing them interact and also getting to know them better.

Road Trip!!


The part of the entire trip that stands out most to me is the people. We saw a lot of really beautiful places and things, but nothing can surpass the authenticity and warmth I felt from the individuals I interacted with. Their spirit for life and joy-filled eyes make me very anxious  to move down there and create my own group of friends through whatever church Jordan and I decide to attend. The great thing is that Dallas is not short of fabulous churches, so I think we should find one fairly quickly.

A lot of unknowns still lie ahead for me as far as a job and place to live go, but I am resting in God’s will and direction for my life. They only thing I can control is being in prayer along the way and letting Him mold & guide me. “He is before ALL things, and in Him ALL things hold together.” He knows what is best for my life, not me. Therefore I find comfort in letting Him be the driver of this ship.

I am off to Kansas City this Thursday-Saturday for a convention with my staff, so I will see ya next time! Have a great first week in April!

Let your light shine!

Abby Dawn aka “The Dawn” as Jordan likes to call me. {He is special}

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Recap

    1. Thank you so much Lex. You are so sweet for reading & commenting! Think about you often and hope you are doing well.

      Miss you & love you! Xoxo!

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