Not Your Typical Elliptical Session

Every single day I am reminded of what an INCREDIBLE God I serve. Some days I notice it simply by waking up each morning or having the energy to make it through my long days. Other days, things happen which call attention to & truly reflect the magnitude of His love and vigor for us spreading the Gospel. Today was one of those more prominent days stemming from one particular incident. Let me explain…

Like most day’s Wednesday’s, I have an extremely difficult time mustering up the motivation and excitement to workout. Coming off of 2 days of work paired with class each evening, I am pretty physically and mentally exhausted come Wednesday. However, knowing that I am unable to workout on Tuesdays and that I work until 11 pm on Wednesday’s, I usually force myself into the weight room.

So I slowly change clothes, fill up my water bottle, grab a granola bar, and mosey on up the stairs where the cardio machines are. I hop on an elliptical because, well to be honest, it is easy and doesn’t require too much work. My plan was for the elliptical to just be my warm-up and then finish the work out with some lifting {after taking a 2-year hiatus after college, I am trying to get back into it}. Although my plan didn’t go exactly as planned, I later realized that God had a much more divine plan in store for me.

I was working out in near proximity to a couple of the guys who used to play football here, and I struck up a conversation with one of them whom I had class with last year. It actually started off by me saying “watch your mouth man, there are ladies around” and him giving me his usual “sass” back. This then prompted him to ask me if swear, and when I responded with “no,” he asked if it was because I believed in God or was a “Christian.”

{Enter my opportunity to share the Gospel & my time not to freeze up or be afraid of his responses}

I know this guy fairly well just from working in academics with the football team, taking class with him, and through random conversations we have had, so I felt comfortable answering his questions. He is a great guy with such a strong desire to learn about so many things in this world. Unfortunately he has been handed his fair share of difficult times in his life. Between experiencing the loss of loved ones, awful injuries which caused him a couple seasons, being far from home, and other things I am unaware of, he has had to go through more than I can ever imagine.

Our conversation was going back and forth, with him asking a question, me responding with what my heart was leading me to say, and then him rebutting my point or hesitantly nodding and then firing away with a new question. Although he believes that there is some sort of higher being out there, he is struggling in comprehending that if this so-called loving God is watching over him, how come he feels so lost and empty inside? He asked how I feel most connected to God and what a spirit inside me feels like.

Talk about being blown away. I smiled because he was asking so many spot-on questions and I could tell he was seeking truth. We discussed good works vs. salvation, baptism as a baby vs. baptism as a believer, prayer, church, etc. In those 20 minutes I was on that elliptical, he skimmed so many aspects of what a relationship with God looks like, he just doesn’t quite believe. And that is okay.

I concluded the conversation by telling him that I am excited about his questions, that I will be praying for him, and asked if it would be okay if I email him some materials. His response was “absolutely, I am open to reading anything.” Unsure of the route I wanted to take with this, I decided that he may better understand all of this through a man similar to his situation. I sent him three I Am Second video testimonials from athletes just like himself. I wanted him to hear each of their individual stories first, and then see if he had any questions from that point on.

The Holy Spirit is working in this man’s life and it brings me great joy to have been in the right place at the right time. I definitely got more than I bargained for during today’s workout, but it left me feeling hopeful for him, burdened to share more with him and others, and fully dependent on a God who was able to work through me in that situation.

12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you[b] to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. 13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. ~Colossians 1: 12-14

I know that once I became saved and acknowledged that Christ had died for MY sins, my work was not finished. As a believer, I am called to emulate love, joy, hope, and grace. I am to share his truth & redemption to others so that I may {through Christ} bring them out of darkness and into light.

If this encounter would have happened 1 year ago, I am not sure I would have been able to handle it with such peace and assurance. Witnessing face-to-face is sometimes difficult for me. My spiritual gifts are showing mercy, exportation, and serving. I am working on becoming more confident in speaking publicly about Jesus and His amazing work in my life over the years. I am so thankful for today, because it was a good place for me to start.

In other news, I leave for Dallas in just one day and I could not be more ready & excited! I feel blessed to have over a week off of work/school and have the ability to rest, do fun things, and spend time with wonderful people. Oh, and for warmth!!

I will try to post while I am on vacation, but no promises! We will be moving around a decent amount so it may be difficult. I will take pictures though and share them after break! Until next time, keep being you and spreading the good Word! We are always being observed, and you never know when you may have the opportunity to share your faith.

One last thing! Tomorrow night Jordan and I are going to the Casting Crowns concert here on campus with some friends, so in honor of the band I enjoy so much, I thought I would include a link for one of there songs. Enjoy!

Let that light shine!

-Abby Dawn

3 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Elliptical Session

  1. Best post yet! I was so excited reading that and understanding what a big deal that was for you to trust the Spirit to give you the words. I will be praying for that young man to personally experience the power of the I dwelling Holy Spirit! God has been doing a great work in you, Abby! Have a great break.

    1. Thank you so much Ramona! I felt so blessed yesterday to be able to have this conversation with him and I am thankful I listened to that little voice that said “work out today!” I miss you and Phil and look forward to see you guys after break. J and I leave for Texas tomorrow morning!!!

  2. Abby, I’m proud of you for witnessing. Plus I bet that was the easiest 20 minute workout ever. Have fun at the concert and the trip. Please be careful! I am sitting in 80 degrees right now at lunch on the patio of Red Robin.

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