Finding God in Work

Hi! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I don’t know about you, but Daylight Savings has taken its toll on me. This whole having to wake up while it’s dark situation is just very difficult. I needed a little extra coffee this morning to get me goin’. Monday morning was going to come whether I was ready for it or not.

I had a pretty low-key weekend myself. Friday evening Jordan came over and we hung out with my roommate Carrie. Watched a little TV and ordered the very unhealthy Buffalo Wild Wings. Sometimes those Parmesan Garlic, Teryaki, and Spicy Buffalo boneless wings really the spot. Jordan says boneless wings aren’t “real,” but they are very real & very delicious to me. Go ahead babe, be a traditionalist and enjoy getting all messy while trying to get the meat off of those things.

Saturday was extremely relaxing. I tried my hardest to sleep in, but since my body habitually wakes up early, I decided to just drink my coffee in bed. I was able to get a good quiet time in {She Reads Truth: Songs of Ascent & Colossians preparing for Bible Study tomorrow}, did a quick at-home workout, lots of laundry, and baked some Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter bars. They were a fun change-up from peanut butter, chocolate chip bars or cookies. Here is the recipe if you are a cookie butter lover like myself: {}.

Saturday evening, we celebrated Jordan’s roommate/my friend, Alex getting accepted into Med School! A group of people came over to their house to grill out and celebrate his awesomeness. Proud of you Alex. Mizzou Med is lucky to have you join their program.

Sunday was not quite as fabulous as Friday & Saturday. After church and then running errands {Ulta, Gap, Sam’s Club, and Hy Vee}, I basically did nothing. I had a horrible headache for a good chunk of the day and it knocked me on my butt. Sometimes I get bad headaches as a result of my TMJ/jaw issues. Jordan was so sweet and cooked a delicious dinner that evening, comprised of pork chops with a maple syrup & sage demi glace, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans. It was amazing!! I knew he was a good cook because we usually cook together, but this meal was exceptionally delicious.

Today I wanted to chat about something we are all familiar with…our job. The workplace is an interesting space. It involves the collaboration, interaction, and communication between several individuals with vastly different personalities and backgrounds. Even though the ultimate goal of everyone is uniform, each person has their own unique way of getting things done. Some people are extroverted, some introverted. Some prefer email, while others prefer face-to-face interactions. I was recently reading an article by John Piper about “How to Glorify God at Work,” so I thought I would share what I learned from him.

  • Be completely DEPENDENT on God in the workplace, for without him you would not be able to breathe, think, feel, or talk. Pray for help in the midst of frustrations.
  •  Show you have INTEGRITY by being on-time, honest, and trustworthy. Do not rob others of their time by slacking.
  • Be SKILLFUL in your job set. God has blessed us with both spiritual and skill-related gifts. Use those to glorify Him.
  • The workplace is filled with relationships which can be formed through COMMUNICATION. Communicate with others with joy and enthusiastic for life. Let coworkers see Christ through you.
  • Show others you LOVE them by serving them. Receive a reputation of being the first to help others out, or show a genuine care for who they are as individuals.
  • Give THANKS to God for our ability to work. It is so easy to fall into the gossip & complaining train. Be known as the humble and thankful one.

Often times, work can become a place of exhaustion or stress when we have a lot to get done. We have the opportunity to stand-out and be different. May we embrace this chance to let our light shine and in everything we do, make God look as great as he really is.

“No matter what our job is, we view it not as our purpose in life but rather as where God has sovereignly placed us for the purpose of making Christ known and his name great. If you are a teacher, if you are a politician, if you are a businessman, if you are in agriculture, if you are in construction, if you are in technology, if you are in the arts, then you should not be saying, ‘I need to find my life’s purpose in this work,’ but rather, ‘I need to bring God’s purpose to this work.’” -Matt Chandler

Have a blessed week! See you back here on Thursday.

-Abby Dawn


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