I’m back & so happy to be writing a blog post instead of my Master’s Comprehensive Exam which has taken over my life this past week. Okay so that was a little dramatic, but it seemed to consume all of my time.

The great news is however, that I am DONE!! After heading to Kinkos to get that baby spiral-bound, I joyfully dropped it off at my advisor’s office. Best feeling ever.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Jordan for guest blogging the other day. He was so sweet to fill in for me knowing that I unfortunately wouldn’t have time to blog. He did such a great job and reading about his experiences, heart, and other random things made me love him even more. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

So since the last time I wrote, I celebrated the big 25! I have to say, for not having a real birthday, it was a really great one. I felt so much love from so many people. So to those of you who sent me a text, gave me a call, or wrote on my facebook wall, I thank you!!

The celebration kicked off Thursday and extended itself through my trip to Des Moines to see my family. Thursday night Jordan took me out to a delicious Thai restaurant called Bangkok Gardens and then headed over to a local Brewery, Flatbranch to celebrate with friends. I truly felt blessed and had a great evening. Not to mention, delicious Pad Thai & Honey Wheat beer. 544580_10100425492976100_1908888315_n 482875_10100425493011030_1671548397_n

After a wonderful night celebrating, I finished out the week at work and then we {Jordan, roommate Carrie, also from the 515} hit the road for Des Moines!! Those 48 hours went by WAY too fast, but we made the absolute most out of it. Lots of family bonding, a 6-mile walk with my speed-walkin’ mama, play time with my precious nieces, a tasty home cooked dinner for my birthday, a rendezvous in Ankeny with my college friend, Megan, church, lunch, Trader Joe’s and back to Columbia! Phew! It was a lot of really great things & people crammed into one weekend.421469_10100426734403270_1303377502_n

I feel like 25 is going to be a really great year, or at least I am hopeful that it is. Right now, there are so many unknowns in my life. I have no idea what city I will be moving to this summer, or what job {Lord-willing} I will get. What I do know is that I am so excited for this upcoming transition and I know that wherever I go and whatever I am doing, God will take care of me. I just have to follow Him.

541379_10100426734807460_2783920_nWhich leads me to the book I just started reading. The book is titled Multiply and it is written by Crazy Love’s Francis Chan. I really enjoyed Crazy Love, so after I heard my work Bible Study facilitator tell us about his new book, I decided to begin reading it. Oh, and it’s free. You can go to and download all of the chapters, videos, etc. Now that’s what I am talkin’ about!

I have only read through the first chapter so far, but it has been really rich. The main take away points for me were as follows…

  •  When somebody asks us to “follow them,” the following emotions that may surface include things like uncertainty, fear, excitement, and hesitation. When Jesus asked the disciples {students} to follow Him, they had no idea what lies ahead. They did not realize they were about to embark on a journey with a Lord full of wisdom, love, and authority.
  • The disciples are individuals who fully submit, follow their leader wherever they go, imitate their every move, becoming like that person.
  • A disciple cannot follow without being like their leader. This is like a people who call themselves a Christian without being like Christ.
  • In order to fully submit our lives over to the Lord, we must repent, or change the direction in which we are currently walking in. Lay our selfish motives and desires at His feet and follow Him.
  • Once we choose to follow His way, we are following a Lord of endless grace, unconditional love, and a promised life of eternity with Him.

As I approach this exciting and unknowing transition in my life, I am resting in His arms and knowing that I must follow Him wherever he leads me, without fear. If I try to control my future, it will leave me constantly worried and trying to grasp control of everything. As bittersweet as leaving this town and these people will be, I cannot wait to see where the Lord leads me.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means that we learn from Him, fellowship with Him, and obey everything he commands of us.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book and learning about how I can better become a fisher of men. I hope you have a great weekend & thanks for reading!
Let your light shine!
-Abby Dawn

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