Weekend Recap & More

Good Evening guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m tossing a curve ball at you this time by posting on Sunday evening instead of Monday morning. Speaking of curve balls, it was back in the batting cage for this girl on Friday. I was so excited to have the opportunity to step back in there and take a few swings. After absolutely whiffing the first 3 {front toss} pitches, I successfully got my timing back and it felt SO good.

My hands were still semi-quick and the eye-hand coordination is still in tact, however the stance and legs were a little sketchy. My {super-talent, ex-MLB All-Star} buddy Phil was kind enough to give me some pointers, and by the end I was feeling more comfortable. As he would say, “see it’s just like riding a bike.” Sure, until a pitcher is throwing a 65 mph fastball at me and I am supposed to make contact with it. Hitting made me feel like I was still an athlete and was extremely good for my soul. Oh, and when it comes to the next Home Run Derby, all I’ve got to say is, watch out boys. Here is a picture from the glory days…when batting practice instilled confidence in me.

I miss this girl.

From there it was onto Salsa Dancing! [With a shower and dinner in there of course.] There is this hole in the wall bar downtown called The Blue Fugue. I had never even noticed the place down there before, but on Friday evenings from 9-10 they have free salsa dancing lessons. I can’t say we were awesome at it, although one girl did tell Jordan that “he is a really good dancer” which instantly made his hips move a little quicker. It was nearly impossible keeping a straight face! It was such a blast and something I would do again, and we all know I could use the practice.photo (2)

Saturday morning brought on another first-time experience for us. HOT YOGA aka the hottest, sweatiest, most challenging workout I have ever tried. A place here in town has these community classes and I have been wanting to check it out of a while now. I am really glad that I went, but still haven’t decided if I will go back. It was 80 minutes long and the room was jam-packed. It made me a little dizzy and I came out of there not feeling very refreshed which I sort of thought was the point to yoga. Maybe that is cold/not hot yoga.

It felt SO good outside.
It felt SO good outside.

Anyway, bless Jordan’s heart for going with me. He had sweat dripping from the tips of his fingers, ran out of water within 20 minutes, and poor guy’s mat was so sweaty that he couldn’t do half the stances without slipping. He made it pretty clear that he will not be attending anymore classes with me. Such a trooper though! I am feeling stronger from it and slept amazingly well last night, so I am not completely opposed to it.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. Watched my Tigers lose a heart-breaker in basketball, made some dinner with another couple, then today was church, lunch, and a whole lot of random things around the house. One of those endeavors included the purging of things in my room & closet that I never wore or used. I am by no means a pack rat, so I enjoy getting rid of things. I figure, if I couldn’t even remember that I owned that particular thing, I probably did not need it.

This evening I am feeling a little bit homesick. The family {minus S & C in Boston} are all at my parent’s house celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday. Anytime they get together, my heart feels a bit empty & sad. I know they will be having a great time honoring Lindsay and thankfully I will be home for my own B-day in 2 short weeks. Can not wait!!

I just started another devotional plan on my Bible App called “Soul Detox.” Only having read two days of it, it is hard to tell how much I will like it, but it did correlate with part of the text I was reading this afternoon from John Ortberg’s book, The Me I Want To Be. This book is great. It is one of those I have read multiple times and refer to it when I am needing some encouragement or a self-esteem booster.

Soul Detox is all about ridding ourselves of toxic thoughts and instead focusing our thoughts on God’s truth. The theme of this devotional is that our thoughts determine what we become, and it is a constant spiritual battle to identify those toxic thoughts and reject them. Check out Proverbs 4:1-27, 2 Corinthians 10:1-6, & Ephesians 6:10-20 for supportive Biblical text.

Ortberg was talking about how only God knows what our full potential is and He is guiding us towards that best version of ourselves all the time. In essence  we cannot create ourselves or become exactly who we want to be. Rather we must accept ourselves as God’s gift to us and start living towards becoming that person. He then described the constant battle going on in our souls: a battle between a flourishing self {the person you were created to be} and a languishing self {lacking vitality}.

Flourishing means being connected with the Spirit of God. It means we feel the most alive, we have a purpose for living, and we are drawn to put on virtue & put off sin. We experience joy and peace. You are engaged, interested in learning, and rarely experience boredom.

However, because we are all sinners and have fallen short, we often times live by our flesh rather than the Spirit which encompasses our languishing self. Our languishing self feels discontent, uneasy, easily swayed into temptation, practicing poor habits, feeling insecure, etc. It is all about ME, not God.

From the way we spend our time to our attitude in relationships, there is this daily struggle between the Spirit & our Flesh or our flourishing self vs. languishing self. I don’t know about you all, but I desire to be filled with joy, freely forgiving, inspired to learn, and loving towards others. I just need to set aside selfish motives and fully and constantly accept his Gift of myself. After all, there is only one of me.

Thanks for letting me tell you what I learned today! And take Mr. Ortberg’s words as encouragement for this new week, “When you fail to become the person God designed, all the rest of us miss out on the gift you were made to give.”391010626_640

Have a blessed week!

-Abby Dawn

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