Just Do It


In case you didn’t already realize how much I like V-Day from my previous post about my love for February, I do. I am looking forward to a little date night at our favorite restaurant here in town. We decided just to do cards and dinner which is perfect to me. I may have made him a little something, but the cost was minimal so I think he’ll like it.

So I really don’t enjoy working out. You probably assume since I played sports 18 years of my life that I would just eat that stuff up, but I don’t. I think it is the combination of not finding  an exercise that I enjoy doing mixed with not having coaches and teammates to hold me accountable. Running is awful, and I seem to get horribly bored and tired after 3 miles so I decide to just stop. Lifting, well, I have a slight aversion to heavy weights in fear of my jeans no longer fitting.

But I decided it is time I make a commitment to staying fit. If I practiced Lent, I would be giving up being lazy for lent. Although I do no feel as though we are required  to sacrifice anything in return for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, I do admire people who can go 40 days without something they really like.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.

Jesus has paid the penalty for your sins regardless of what you’ve done. There’s nothing more you have to do on top of what he has already done for you.

Stop working to try and earn God’s love, and start living out of thankfulness that God already loves you and paid the ultimate sacrifice to draw you near to him. Trust Jesus with your life.

-Mark Driscoll

The wheels started turning. I knew that eliminating sweets or changing my diet has never really worked more than 1 day, so I chose to implement more of a routine workout plan into my life for the next 35 days (until Spring Break). I must workout 4-5 days per week AND even lift weights. The pants are already feeling tighter.

So after perusing the internet for some workouts and not really finding anything intrigued me, I asked the man in my life who loves working out and in fact is super crabby if he does not get a work out in, to assist me in this process. Within about 15 minutes he had sent me back a plan. And folks, I am going to stick to it.

After the first 2 weeks, we will mix it up so that I don’t just start going through the motions. I love how he set it up and after Day 1, I am feeling very optimistic about this. I will be taking Tuesday off because I go straight from work to class, so I don’t really have time to squeeze one in. I am also going to try and go for a run on either Saturday or Sunday.

Check it out! Feel free to use it for yourself and please, I’d love some feedback of how you all stay so committed  to exercising.

The Cropped Workout Pic

One workout down, 15 to go. My arms are a little bit sore today but I suppose that is a good thing.

These beautiful flowers just arrived to my office a few minutes ago! Jordan is always surprising me with his romantic side. Good job baby!

IMG-20130214-00264 (1)Have a blessed Valentine’s Day and weekend. See you all here next week.

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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