Be Still & Know

Hey guys!

I hope this post finds you all coming off of a great weekend. Mine was very relaxing and productive, just how I like it. Jordan and I kicked it off with date night. He took me to Bleu, a restaurant and wine bar downtown and we indulged in their popular Macaroni & Cheese for our appetizer, followed by our entree which was a chicken sandwich for Jordan and a gorgonzola burger for me. I have to say, I enjoy their brunch spread better than their dinner, but it was still delicious.

Date night is always fun. Since we live in the same city {an absolute blessing}, we easily get stuck into the rut of just making dinner at his or my place, which I really enjoy and financially it makes the most sense. But I always really enjoy going out on dates every once in a while. This particular evening we were celebrating my recent pay-off of two of my credit cards which was kind of an amazing feeling! It meant a lot to me that he recognized that feat of mine and acknowledged how proud of me he was. I am so thankful for his help when it comes to finances and such.

Saturday I was able to lounge around the house for a few hours, before cheering my Tigers onto a victory against Ole Miss. Followed the “W” up with some Home Run Derby action {took 3rd place, don’t want to talk about it}, and then saw the movie Silver Linings Playbook which I really liked. For some reason, I enjoy movies about mental health illnesses, dysfunctional households, and depressing individuals. I think it’s because throughout the course of the movie, I am able to see the therapeutic process of recovery and light {silver lining} in the end. So, if you are looking to see a movie soon, I recommend it.

Sunday was the usual church, lunch, and then homework day. Can I please tell you how anxious I am getting to be done with classes and papers. I know once I am done, I will miss the days of being a student, but right now I have serious grad studentitis {pretty sure that is not a word}. With that being said, the end of school means job hunting has begun. I have updated my resume and references, created my cover letter, and am avidly checking out job sites for postings which interest me. Your prayers for J and I as we seek the Lord’s wisdom for jobs is much appreciated.

During yesterday’s sermon out of Mark 1:29-34, our Pastor was talking about Common Love. He was talking about the love Jesus shows through our family, in our homes, through our health/lack of health, in kindness, and by meditating on His truths. The current series we are going through is about the Miracles of Jesus and the applications we can take from those. The story in Mark 1 wasn’t like some of the other Miracles when Jesus turned water into wine, walked on water, or the Virgin birth, but rather He healed MANY of disease, demons, and illness. It wasn’t one large miracle but rather several and He did them all while exhausted and expended of all energy. Even when we are tired and drained after a long day, we must still extend love and kindness to all who come across our path.

The biggest takeaway for me yesterday was the importance of Recharge. It is during times when we are so focused on God, that we begin to see his little miracles of everyday life. Seeing Him and his blessings during the really big moments in our life is easy. Recognizing His amazing guidance and provision for us in our everyday is difficult.

The pastor said something that really stuck out to me. He said, “Seek God in the Word, find Him in thought.” We have to spend time reading scripture, books, etc. for that is how we can oftentimes “seek Him” the best.  But then the follow-up is just as critical. We must sit on those words and truly reflect on the text so that we can experience full oneness with Him. Knowing a lot about theology will be very helpful when witnessing to others and supporting your beliefs with text, but it may not instill a whole lot of passion in your heart. Passion is what drives our love for the Lord and others.

Being more of an introvert, I feel the most recharged when I am in solitude. Even if it is just an hour or less, I feel rejuvenated & re-energized after “me time.” Working in an environment in which I am communicating with co-workers and student-athletes all day, I disparately crave the peace and quiet. So for me, this sermon hit home. I find myself meditating on thoughts for a really long time {maybe too long sometimes}. I also have to be aware of not keeping my thoughts to myself, but rather talking them out with others so that I can learn and grow.

Jordan is the opposite, in fact we are about as different as they come. He gets extremely bored being alone and he thrives in social settings. Even if he is just sitting on his couch watching a movie, he needs bodies around him and feels revamped after being with a group of people.

When it comes to our spiritual walks, he is really great at reading his Bible. I admire his commitment to starting off his day in the Word while he eats breakfast. Maybe if I sat down for breakfast, I could do the same. My strength, and what I spend most of quiet time doing, is meditating on my thoughts. Whether it was a verse, something somebody said, or a devotional I read earlier that morning, I can sit on that for a really long time.

After the service yesterday, I told Jordan that if we combined our strengths, we would make one heck of a learner. If we could seek God in His word and then find Him through thought, I believe we would grow the most. I am working on getting more comfortable talking outwardly about my faith and sharing with people what the Lord has been doing in my life. I would much rather journal, blog, or write about it than talk about it.

We are all different and process things in our own unique way. What is it that you need to do for recharge? What I learned and what I hope to teach you is the importance of setting aside time of rest every single day. You can determine how much time you need, but just a little bit is good for the soul. Allow yourself to be free of distractions {put those iPhones or Blackberry’s if you are old school like me, down}. Think more about the Lord, for that may create more passion in your heart. Thinking and imagining has becoming a lost art, which is sad considering it is free and so easy to do. Also, don’t let other people set your boundaries. Set your own, and abide by those. After all, you know what you need, they don’t.

I hope you have a great week & don’t forget to make time for yourself. That is not being selfish, it is healthy. Here are a few photos from date night, wiffle ball, and me new, thrifted bracelet which reads “shine.” Much love to you all!

What a (6)The winner!My new, thrifted, bracelet. Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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