Fun in STL

Good Morning!

Well, today marks the first day of the Spring term for students at the University of Missouri. So, that means me. But today also marks the very LAST, first day of school for me since I will be graduating in May. I remember saying  the exact same thing at Minnesota State when I was wrapping up undergrad; however, I am for real this time. No PhD in the plans for this girl.

I hope you had a great [long] weekend for those of you who were blessed to have MLK day off. If so, this week is going to be a short one! I had a really great weekend, and it ended on the best note ever because I was reunited with Jordan.

Friday evening I grilled out with some friends, enjoyed a bonfire {before the temperature drastically dropped}, and then saw a late showing of Zero Dark Thirty. Although I anticipated the ending being a little more climatic, all-in-all, I enjoyed it. Any movie that can keep me interested for 2.5 hours after a long week of work, deserves at least an 8.

Saturday I did a whole lot of cleaning, crafting, moved some furniture at the office, and even got outside for a run. That evening I went bowling with some girl friends which was a blast! I was a little rusty, but I am glad we decided to do something different.

Sunday was the usual Church, brunch, and then many miscellaneous things to make the day go way to fast. I sorta felt like it was Christmas Eve or something because I was SO excited to see Jordan the next morning. Sounds ridiculous, I know.

Since I had never spent any time in St. Louis, and since his flight was arriving around 10:30 am, we decided to take advantage of our day off and do some exploring. Right after I picked him up at the airport, he took me up to the famous STL Arch. At first, I thought we were just going to drive by it or something. But then he told me we were going all the way to the top. It was so neat!

I am thankful I was not claustrophobic, because those little things you sit in to get up the elevator is a tight fit. The city looked beautiful from 630 feet up. I feel like the Arch is a staple for newbies such as myself visiting the city.

After visiting the Arch, we went to a restaurant downtown called Rooster which is known for their Crepes and Scrambles apparently. My friend Katie suggested it, and she has good taste, so I took her word for it. Our server was a little aloof and slow {which was okay because it gave us time to look at Jordan’s pictures for Europe}, but the food was EXCELLENT! J ordered some spinach, chicken, carmalized onion-y, scramble and I ordered a Spicy chicken and fontina cheese crepe. We swallowed them down with a House Bloody Mary.

Full & happy, we moseyed on over to the Union Station, which apparently is another staple to visit while in STL. It was pretty neat  to see what they converted the station into and I imagine, on a warmer day, it would have been nice to walk around outside.

Last stop before heading back West to Columbia, was at Trader Joe’s to pick up some wine, crackers, and bread to accompany the delicious cheeses, prosciutto, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar that Jordan brought back from Italy. It was pretty much the best stuff ever.

I am so thankful for our day together. I am thankful that he had a great trip with his buddies and make it back safely. I am most thankful for our friendship and ability to just have fun hanging out together. I am slightly sad he has to shave his beard off, but I will survive. He is handsome either way of course.

Time for a full day of work before having class this evening. Have an awesome day and stay warm!!

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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