My New Sport…Is Not Skiing

Hello from the Rockies!

I’m back. I apologize for being so MIA over the last couple of weeks. This break has been a busy one. From Missouri to Des Moines to Dallas to Colorado and then back home tomorrow briefly before it’s back to Missouri to start up the Spring Semester. Woah, that is exhausting just typing all of that!

I have so much I want to blog about after taking a little break from it and I am so excited to get back in my Monday/Thursday routine once I get settled back in. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and also a safe & fulfilling New Years. It is still hard to fathom that it is already 2013. I have a feeling this is going to be a really big year and I thoroughly look forward to all of the changes and transitions in my life.

At the forefront of my brain right now sits this whole skiing thing since I am still feeling the bumps, bruises, and emotional turmoil I endured up on those big mountains. Okay, that was rather dramatic-sounding. But seriously, I am convinced after skiing for the first time in the mountains and through communication with the fellow females up here with me, that skiing/snowboarding is an emotional experience.

Going into our first day at Beaver Creek, I had this false confidence come over me. I was thinking hey, I am pretty athletic and seem to pick things up fairly quickly, so I will be just fine. I told myself that those hills in Iowa and Minnesota that I had skied down, would be just a tad smaller than the mountains. Wrong. They are much larger, much steeper, a whole lot faster, and just plain scary.

The ironic part about my newly-discovered aversion to skiing, is that I absolutely love the mountains. We just returned from snowmobiling 12,500 feet up high and I enjoyed every bit of it. Send me up there on foot, bike or a horse and I will have a blast. But there is just something about feeling like I have no control on those skies which scares me.

My body feels as though it got run over by a very large bus. My calves, shins, wrists, neck, back and worst of all, pride hurt. The most embarrassing part of it all, was that little kids with pacifiers in their mouths were skiing the greens better than I was.

I wish {mostly for Jordan’s sake} that I could say I had an absolutely wonderful time on the slopes. I wish I felt confident, encouraged, and excited for my next ski trip. So badly, I want to like this activity because I know he loves it.

I had a mix of emotions come over me these last two days. Nervousness, frustration, tension, adrenalin, the urge to swear {which I don’t even do without sounding awkward}. Why could I not do this sport well?! I usually learn new things quickly!

I think my biggest issued skiing was my ability to psych myself out. It wasn’t necessarily my form, especially after I took ski lessons. No, the problem arose when I would allow myself to just stare down at the massive mountain I am supposed to gracefully ski down. Don’t think, just do. I kept telling myself this. When I let myself relax, be confident, and not worry about possibly falling {again} and hurting myself, I was solid going down.

Sounds a little like the way we should approach life, huh? Approaching everyday and every new experience with fear and timidity sets us up for either failure or reach less than our potential.

We need to attack life with joy, confidence, and a fearless attitude, for through Christ all things are possible. The only thing holding me back from being a good skier is myself. I can do this and I am being watched over. It is all about letting go, and letting God. I am going to challenge myself to have a positive attitude about skiing, and to keep practicing until I get it down.

I am feeling so thankful for such encouraging ski partners. I am beyond blessed to be up here with some incredibly Godly people, who I have felt so comfortable spending time with. Although skiing was a little rough, the conversations and fellowship surrounding that time have been awesome.

Thank you to my sweet boyfriend who was beyond patient with me. Even though he took me up to BLUES my first morning here, I still love his high expectations for me. Maybe someday I can beat him down that mountain. In the mean time, I am going to stick to the advice my ski instructor gave us, “your relationship is more important than the lesson you give her.” Amen.

Alright, off to play some Rook {new card game I learned} and hangout in a warm & cozy lodge surrounded by the gorgeous mountains. God’s creation is absolutely stunning.

See you back here hopefully next week sometime! Have a blessed weekend and much love to you all.

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Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

One thought on “My New Sport…Is Not Skiing

  1. Abby- I felt the same way you do after my first few attempts at skiing but ended up loving it. The mountains are so glorious that it is worth the aches, pains and moments of frustration! I am so glad you had the opportunity to visit Vail. So great seeing you on Christmas. Have fun going back to school for one last semester!! Love you, Susie

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