18 Years & Counting

Good Morning & welcome back to reality!

The break is over, the consummation of large amounts of food subsides until Christmas, and it is back to the grind. I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing (if that’s your style) Thanksgiving holiday. I was very blessed to have the entire week off from work and school which was amazing and very much needed. I’m soaking up these final college-breaks that I will never again have…tear.

Between my short trip to Dallas where I spent time with Jordan’s family and then the four days I spent in Des Moines with my sweet family, I am filled with joy to have such incredible people in my life. People who love me for me, really encourage me in conversations, and are just fun to be around. One of these individuals, is my precious and committed best friend, McKenzee. As an early 25th birthday gift, I am devoting today’s blog to her.

I had the privilege {despite the numerous times her car veered onto the ripple/rumple strips and her insistence on stopping at a Hy Vee so that she could get green bean casserole} of spending 11 hours in the car with her when we road tripped from Dallas to DSM. Although that is a very long time to spend in a car, I am thankful it was with her. Many quality conversations and laughs later, we arrived safely {thank you Jesus} to our destination.

McKenzee aka Kenz, Fisher, McFish, Quarter, or whatever other names I am leaving out, is a such a blessing to me. We first became acquainted in Mrs. Heuton’s Kindergarten class at Lawson elementary in Johnston, Iowa. Little did I know we were about to spend the next 6 years in the same class and eventually spend the next 18 years and counting as best friends.

She is truly one of the strongest people I know. Having lost her mother at the mere age of 6 to breast cancer, I witnessed the heartache, tears, and countless counseling sessions she endured. Her dad did an incredible job of putting the right people in her life to help her grieve, cope, and move forward with her life. I cannot imagine what that was like.

I have so many fond memories because of this girl. I will never forget the Triscuit’s, cream cheese, and pickapeppa {best stuff ever} snack that we would eat in her hot tub. I will also never forget playing dress up and then seriously dressing up for the homecoming’s and prom’s.

I will never forget the fun times and not-so fun times on the basketball court {sorry if you are reading Coach Gradoville}. She was truly a team player and incredible leader on our team & her positive attitude was contagious. It didn’t matter how much she played, her heart was always in it and she challenged all of us to be better.

I knew McKenz was going to be in sales since the day I met her. She had this confidence, assertiveness, and ability to talk to adults unlike any other 6-year old I knew. 18 years later, she still possesses these traits along with many other attributes which make her one incredible Medical Sales individual. Shoot, she could sell a pencil to somebody.

As much as I admire her determination and work-ethic, I most admire her warm and giving heart. One of her very obvious Love Languages is gifts and she is so wonderful at getting people very special gifts, more often than not, “just because.”  You can always count on her for listening ears and honest advice. Not only does she accept me for who I am with no judgement, but most importantly she challenges me and holds me accountable for my actions. We are able to challenge each other spiritually and it has been so neat to walk along side each other through our spiritual journey’s. God is so good.

Unfortunately I do not have photos from our younger days with me, but I have chosen a few from the more recent years. She is so incredibly beautiful on the inside and out.

I love you Kenz! Here is to many many more years of friendship.

Celebrating my 22nd birthday when she came to visit me in Mankato.
She even supported me through my brown hair phase.
Enjoying some Texas beer in Fort Worth.
Before Mizzou dominated against her Cyclones 😉
At Kelsey’s beautiful wedding.
Poolside…one of our favorite places to be.
Sushi date in Columbia, MO.
Thanksgiving 2012.

Thank you for being such an incredible friend to me. Those are hard to come by these days and I know myself, as well as your other close friends, are so grateful to have you in our lives. I love you!

Have a great week all 🙂

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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