Give Thanks


It is good to be back and writing again. I took a short break from blogging while I was down in Dallas for a few days. It was weird because I actually found myself missing that time that I usually spend blogging on Monday’s. Guess you can say I am a creature of habit.

Today’s blog comes to you from my parents living room in good ol’ Urbandale, Iowa. The sounds of my music  my mom vacuuming and my dog Jack licking his paws obsessivey flood my ears. It is SO good to be home.

Besides those two sounds, it is relatively quiet around here today. With one sibling staying out in Boston with her husband, and my other siblings coming over later tonight, it’s just my parents and I for the majority of the day. I am so thankful for the quality time we have to spend together, while also being super excited to play with my nieces and nephew tonight. 🙂

There is something so special about Thanksgiving. I am not sure what it is necessarily, but I think it has something to do with the heightened level of gratitude expressed by everyone, paired with the absence of presents which can be such a distraction on Christmas day.

Although we are called to be thankful always, express gratitude everyday, and serve others on a regular basis, it seems to always be there on Thansgiving Day. There is something so awesome about stuffing your face with turkey, potatoes, and rolls and then sitting around the table sharing your heart with your family.

We have a tradition around here (for all special occassions and sometimes “just because”) that we like to call “care & share.” Sorta, okay extremely cheesy sounding, I know. However, I have really learned to appreciate and find value in this time. Today the prompt will most likely be “what are you thankful for?” but sometimes we like to mix it up. Give it a try with your fam!

Whatever your family traditions are, I hope you have a such a wonderful day and really enjoy every moment of it. For those of you unable to be with your family today, be thankful for the indviduals you are with.

I know I can do a better job of giving thanks every single day and living with this mission of thanksgiving. Big or small, I can always find gratitude in my heart and need to express that to those around me. Let’s all make it our mission moving forward to be more outwardly thankful for all God has given to us.

Short & sweet post for today, for I am off to take a long walk with my mama. The weather is beautiful and I need to burn off the massive cinnamon roll I just had. Oh man was it good! I am looking forward to quality conversations with my precious mother who I love dearly.

Give thanks, express gratitude, and spread love to your friends and family today and everyday.

Home sweet home

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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