Headaches, Sushi, & More

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend. Time to face the cold weather and gear up for another week. Did anyone else notice that the temp dropped roughly 40 degrees over the course of the day yesterday? I noticed, and it was far from awesome. Went to church without a jacket on and went back out last night wearing layers, a scarf, and boots. Gotta love the Midwest and its Bipolar weather tendencies.

I am feeling extremely encouraged and thankful to be writing this post without a headache. I woke up Friday morning with an awful headache which lasted the entirety of the weekend. It was definitely a downer because I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and not to say it wasn’t relaxing, I just wasn’t myself.

I suffer from what I like to call, an “un-claimable and uninsured” disorder. I say that because TMJ Disorder is one of those ambiguous problems in which neither doctors nor dentists want to claim as something they deal with. Reason being, is that nobody truly knows a cause or cure applicable to all cases.

I could blow your mind with some medical terminology to make it sound fancy, but I won’t because it is still early and I am only halfway through my coffee. Basically our TMJ is the hinge joint that connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone of the skull, which is immediately in front of the ear on each side of your head. This joint allows us to talk, chew, and yawn with ease. Well…it is supposed to.

Mine doesn’t exactly work how it’s supposed to. I am uncertain of  the exact cause and have unfortunately seen countless doctors and  tried various techniques to alleviate some of the pain. My headaches are usually a direct correlation to my TMJ [“too much jaw” is what Jordan likes to call it].

I will continue to be on the hunt for the doctor that will cure me. To any of you who suffer from this same disorder, lets chat :). In the mean time, I am so thankful for how healthy I am. I realize this is just a small inconvenience and that some people are suffering so much worse. I woke up feeling very blessed knowing I am renewed by His grace and made more beautiful by His mercies DAILY.

Despite the headache, this really was a great weekend filled with awesome food and even better company. Today I am going to give you a little recap, as well as include a breakfast recipe which I will definitely be making again.

Jordan and I kicked off the weekend at Houlihans with some of my coworkers for a little Happy Hour appetizer and beverage. Already slightly-full, we engaged in some double-date action with the super-fun and sweet, Colin & Jessica. We indulged in delicious sushi and I tried a sake sangria which was A-M-Azing. Afterwards we ventured over to Ragtag to people watch get to know each other better.

It’s all about the presentation.

Post dinner, drinks, and great conversations, Jordan and I still managed to find room for some Andy’s ice cream. This stuff isn’t just ice cream, it is thick and creamy custard. I present to you to you a mint with fudge & brownie jackhammer. OMG good.

Oozing with chocolate.

Needless to say, I slept in a food-induced coma that night. But I woke up ready for an 11 am kickoff and some brunch! Wanting something different than the usual pancakes, waffles, or scrambled eggs, I found this recipe from a fabulous blog, Eat, Live, Run and decided to give it a try. J and I were extremely pleased with the turnout and it was pretty fun to make. Check out photos from the process and try it for yourself!

Breakfast Quesadillas [http://www.eatliverun.com/breakfast-quesadillas/]

A few of the ingredients.

Time to eat!!

Top of the mornin’ to ya babe.
Margs to compliment our ‘dillas.

These are definitely something I will be making again. We tailored the recipe a little bit, but you can be creative with it. Not sure if there is a way to mess it up. The rest of my weekend was filled with a whole lot of relaxing. Attended the Mizzou Women’s soccer game which came down to PK’s and unfortunately Illinois pulled it out. The girls played great though!

Sunday was the usual: church, lunch with awesome people [ @ my favorite, Flat Branch yesterday], and rest. I rounded out the weekend last night discussing my TMJ issues with a mom of one of my friends who happens to be a dentist. I appreciate so much that she had us over for dinner and educated me on what she knows about this disorder.

I am feeling very blessed to be surrounded by such quality people. People who make me laugh, teach me new things, and challenge me to become a better person. God is so good.

Have a great week! Keep pushing hard b/c Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I want to give a shout out to Jordan as he embarks on 2 interviews this week. One in Cary, NC and the other in Denver, CO. Best of luck to you handsome boyfriend!

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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