God is Good

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and enjoyed the abnormally warm temps for this time of year. Iowa is GORGEOUS in October, so being home this past weekend was not only wonderful because I was with my family, but the trees & blue skies were an added bonus I gladly welcomed.

I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy, thankfulness, and love as I write today’s blog. 2012 has been a very special and memorable year for my entire family. Between Sarah getting married and moving to Boston and the birth of Olivia & Charlie, our family has grown physically in numbers, but more importantly spiritually. It seems as though all of us have learned so much about ourselves, others, and are realizing what we are passionate about. This weekend was so incredibly rich.

Friday evening and Saturday were filled with eating, exploring, laughing, question-asking, and just enjoying each others company. I took Jordan to the best shopping store ever, Von Maur. I felt as though he needed to experience it and sadly he didn’t seem as excited about it as I was. Maybe next time. 🙂 We also made time to take Claire Bear on a date to Panera and the Apple Orchard. Oh, and I was also able to squeeze in some time with my second family, The Ecklund’s which was so much fun.

Sunday was a BIG day. It all started bright and early at 8:30 am when my sister’s youngest girl, Olivia, was dedicated at their church. Baby dedication commonly takes the place of infant baptism and is a decision made my either the parents or the entire family. The ceremony is symbolic because the parents are making a commitment in front of the congregation to raise their child in accordance to God’s Word, Will, and Ways. It was so beautiful and precious to witness.

Zeb and Bekah are unbelievable parents. With three little girls under the age of 3.5, they exude such love, patience, and adoration for those little ones. They are constantly feeding the Gospel into them and displaying such Christ-like love for not only each-other, but to each one of the girls. I hope to be half the wife & mom that my sister is.

A 3-month old is dedicated by her parents and a 24-year old publicly dedicates her life to Christ through Baptism shortly after. And that 24-year old would be me. Here goes my story…

So as most of you know, I grew up a PK {Pastor’s Kid}. And I loved it. I didn’t love it necessarily because my dad was a pastor per-say, but rather because I was raised in Church, surrounded by Godly people, and had the Word poured into me on a daily basis. By the time I reached Elementary School, I started to ask more questions. One in particular actually. I vividly remember being below my brother on our bunk beds and asking him “What happens when I die?” Fast forward several minutes and tears later, I became saved that evening as a little 8-year old.

From that point on my life forever changed. I was now a child of God. He had delivered me of my sins, rescued me from darkness, and I was given assurance of eternal security with Him. Because of this, my joy is no longer circumstantial or based on highs and lows in my life, but rather my joy comes from the Holy Spirit living inside of me. I feel so blessed.

I have witnessed countless Baptisms in my life and every time I did, I would tell myself “I need to do that.” Why it never happened until now, I am not sure. I knew it was an important step in one’s spiritual walk and for me, it got to the point where I was in and out of a few churches, felt as though people would judge me for being a pastor’s kid who hadn’t been baptized, yadda yadda.

Recently however, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that this was something that needed to be done. I have grown immensely in my spiritual journey over the last 6 months and I so badly wanted this decision to be a symbol of my external expression of Faith and also the start to a more transparent relationship with Christ. A few weeks ago I told my parents that I wanted to be baptized when I was scheduled to come home in October and I didn’t care where we did it at, I just wanted my dad to do it.

Check out the video of this special moment yesterday on my facebook page. Thank you Jordan for capturing the entire thing!!

Reasons why I decided to be baptized:

  • As believers of Christ, we are called to outwardly profess that we are a Child of God.
  • I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to this decision.
  • I was ready to take this stand of obedience for God publicly.
  • I knew my testimony was one that could impact others to know Christ.

I am so thankful towards Bekah’s pastor for allowing me to do this during their Baptismal service at church. God’s hand was most definitely in all of this.

Enjoy some photos from this weekend’s adventures!

C & J playing in the corn seeds.
Love my parents so much.
My first nephew, Charlie Morris! Way too cute.
Saturday morning walk through the beautiful trails of Urbandale, Iowa!
East Village fun!

Thank you for reading! I hope you had a great start to your week and have a wonderful evening.

Have a fabulous week & Let your light shine!!

-Abby Dawn


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