Beautiful Things

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday to you all. Once again, this week has absolutely flown by and believe it or not, we are over halfway through October. Life needs to slow down for a second because it is going way too fast. I hope this has been a great week for you and if it hasn’t been the best, keep your head up because it is a new day and a clean slate to start fresh this morning. My prayer to you is that you have a better day today than you did yesterday.

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

Those lyrics sound familiar to you? They come from the song Beautiful Things by Gungor and I LOVE it. I find myself humming or singing along to it so much lately and we even started seeing it at church which I am very happy about. Whether you have heard it before or not, I encourage you to check it out and just soak in the simple, yet powerful words.

Every time I hear that chorus, I feel blessed, convicted, and inspired all at the same time. I feel blessed to be loved by such a sovereign and holy God. One who so selflessly gave  Himself up to die on the cross for sinners like me. A God who endured ridicule, pain, suffering, betrayal, and so much more. For ME. [He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our sins. The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds, we are healed~Isaiah 53:5].

What did I do to deserve forgiveness, a new life here on Earth, and ultimately the promise of eternity with Him? I don’t even know how to fathom this concept or if the word blessed is even sufficient enough to describe what He did for us.

These lyrics also instill this feeling of conviction in my heart because I have not always made choices or acted in Christ-like ways. At times I have chosen to act out of the flesh, rather than in the Spirit. When decision-making was grounded in selfish desires or motives, I was acting in ways which were disobedient to the Word of God. Although my sinful actions never got me into trouble, created addictions, or affected my family, they negatively impacted my relationship with the Lord and prevented spiritual growth.

In relationships or friendships, I haven’t always treated the other person in ways which were glorifying to the Kingdom. I haven’t always been forgiving, patient, and accepting towards others the way Christ is to us. I haven’t always tithed 10% or given back to the Church as believers are called to do. I’ve given into materialism and worldly things. My attitude hasn’t always been reflective of Christ.

My heart, mind, and soul recognize my faults and past behaviors. My desire is to not repeat those sins, but rather act in ways which will foster my relationship with the Lord and positively impact those around me.

And all that leads me to the encouraging piece in all of this: how much this song inspires me. I have been feeling incredibly inspired lately, more than in the past. Life is truly beautiful. Creation is beautiful. Please just go look outside at the trees and recognize the wide array of colors. Relationships are beautiful. We are all so different and posses our own unique traits. Learning and knowledge is beautiful because there is no cap on how much we can know and we have been given the ability to process new information.

Freedom, independence, and autonomy are beautiful. And last but not least, YOU are beautiful. Nobody else looks like you, has a heart like yours with the exact same fears, passions, dreams, and desires. God created you with His own bare hands. That in itself inspires me to act in reverence, love, and adoration for my creator.

So you may listen to this song and gain a completely different understanding or feelings from it which is one of the awesome things about music. Not to wish this upon you or anything, but I sort of hope this song gets stuck in your head today and that as go about your work, school, etc. that you will be able to find beauty in your life.

I apologize for having another wordy blog with little pictures. I promise on Monday I will have plenty to share from my weekend at home!! 1 day!

In the mean time, enjoy a few photos from my pumpkin-painting & seed-baking adventures with my friend Becca. ‘Tis the season!

Who ever said pumpkins need to be orange?!
Rinse, drain, salt, bake, & enjoy!

Oh and to all you Iowa mom’s out there-be sure to check out the Des Moines Mom’s Blog which will be launching October 29th. My sister Bekah serves as the co-founder to this awesome resource for mama’s out there looking to connect with other mom’s, have play dates, read blogs, etc.

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn


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