I’d Give Anything To Understand…

Good Morning!

Well, the weekend has once again come to an end way too quickly. I hope you feel rested and refreshed for a new week. Selfishly, I am pretty excited that it is Monday because that means I am 5-short days away from being in God’s Country, I mean Iowa, to visit my awesome family. Soon enough my precious nieces and new little nephew will be in my arms again. Can. Not. Wait!

On a semi-downer note, I burned my hand pretty badly on my curling iron yesterday when I accidentally grabbed the hot end instead of the handle while picking it up.You may be wondering the same thing that my dad so blatantly asked me on the phone, “Well, why did you do that?” As if I meant to! Just one of those things where I habitually reached down to where the handle typically is, and surprise, it was the 375 degree iron end that I gripped. Needless to say, it is pretty painful anytime I remove it from an ice pack & this typing escapade looks like a type 2 sentences, ice pack it for 1 minute, and repeat cycle. Oh how I wish I wasn’t such a klutz. At least I was able to get 3/4 of my hair curled.

So here is the deal…I would really like to figure men out. As my title preludes to, I’d Give ANYTHING to Understand Men. Men too often think that WE are confusing, irrational, and hormonal human-beings. They think we are always thinking about a million things, are driven by our hormones, and crave physical contact, i.e. cuddling. Okay, so maybe they are sorta right. But I am convinced that they have their own insecurities, struggles, and unique-to-men tendencies.

God created males and females so incredibly different. Although we were all created in His own image and Men and women stand as equals at the apex of God’s created order, the Bible displays countless examples of the clear differences between men and women.

As much as I like to think that after growing up with a brother, being in a few relationships, and having guy friends, that I’ve got them figured out, I don’t at all. In fact, I find myself getting frustrated at times by the way they act, or react to things.

As an attempt to better understand and get an inside look at the way men are, this summer I read the book, For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I was actually suggested this book by a couple of pretty awesome guys who read the For Men Only version and gained quite a bit of knowledge on how women operate. Talk about an insightful and thought-provoking book. The author did an excellent job of gathering research, as well as conducting hundreds of surveys to men of varying demographics, race, and spiritual backgrounds to support her ideas.

I can honestly say that 70% of the content in the book was new to me. I gained a much better understanding about why men think and feel the way they do in regards to Respect, Confidence, Working, Physical Aspects, and so much more. I learned that Men do desperately want to be understood, yet they feel too “soft” if they expose their weaknesses or show their feelings.

One of the most important take-away points for me was how much my words really mean to men. Because if this “tough-guy” persona they feel they have to have, I never thought I could offend them. However, the quickest way for a man to feel disrespected is if they are mocked, discouraged, or questioned over and over again by their significant other. On the flip side, my words of encouragement and support can make my man feel incredibly respected and in-turn confident as a man and in the relationship.

I highly recommend  For Women Only to any female out there. I decided to take this post a little further with a video Q & A with 4 Christian Men who I am blessed to have in my life. Although these guys are incredible men of Christ and daily display the fruits of the spirit, they have the same exact struggles as all men.

Bear with the video quality, for I am no professional. Also, I decided not to edit it at all, because a) I cant figure out how to do that and b) their candid-conversations add some humor to it 🙂 I cannot thank you enough Andreas, Drew, Alex, and Jordan! I hope you all learn something from these awesome dudes.


Feel free to post any other questions you want me to ask these guys. We may just have to make this monthly staple in my blog.

Have a great week and remember, the men in your lives are so vastly different from you, so do your best to try and understand why they are the way they are. I know I am so thankful for my dad, brother(s), boyfriend, guy friends, and male coworkers, for they all have so much to say and a uniqueness to them which I appreciate.

Tonight I am painting pumpkins with my sweet friend, Becca AND have a Skype date planned with my sister Sarah who lives out in Boston, so I am looking forward to the evening!

Check out this lovely picture I took from Jordan’s back deck yesterday. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Love, love, love fall.

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn


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