Charm is Deceptive. Beauty is Fleeting.

Good Morning Afternoon!

I had great intentions of posting before work today but my eyes just were not allowing me to open them when my alarm went off. So, 5 snoozes later I reluctantly jumped into the shower and made it to work with ten minutes to spare. Days like today, I am especially thankful for naturally wavy hair and coffee brewed at the office.

It has been a very interesting, humbling, and spiritually-challenging, yet rewarding week for me. I may go into more details in another post down the road to discuss exactly what I mean by this; but for now, I will just say I am so thankful to be serving a Sovereign God who I can trust my life with. A God who has a perfect plan for me, even during the most difficult and confusing times of my life.

My sweet friend McKenzee gave me the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss during my trip to Dallas in early August. I have found this book to be very impactful in the way I view myself, God, sin, and circumstances. DeMoss uses this book to shed light on the bondage women are prone to experiencing due to the lies society places upon them. More importantly, she shares ways in which God’s forgiveness and grace can deliver women from these lies.

[Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised ~ Proverbs 31:30 ]

I have heard this Bible verse countless times, written it a handful of times, and even have shared this text with other females over the years. Yet, it was not until recently that I really began to dissect it and apply its truths to my life. And trust me, this will be an ongoing process as I fall victim to physical appearance and find myself getting wrapped up in my outward beauty way too often.

Society tells women that what matters most about them is their physical beauty. From magazines to social media to television, everywhere we look we are consumed with beautiful people who appear to be so happy and fulfilled. Not only that, but also the beauty-enhancing products and ads telling us that we are not good enough, but that we can be if we just take this pill or use a particular cream, or buy certain clothes. Exhausting, right?!

This whole concept of wanting to be outwardly beautiful is not wrong by any means, and actually it goes back to the first woman. It wasn’t the nutritional value of the forbidden fruit that Eve was drawn to, but rather it was pleasing to her eye. It was a physically appealing piece of fruit, which was the root of her temptation to eat it (amongst it’s functional appeal of providing food and wisdom). Get it? The problem here wasn’t that Eve recognized God’s beautiful creation; it was that she was overwhelmed with its external appearance and gave into the Enemy’s temptation. Which in turn, set the stage for our consummation of placing so much priority on physical attractiveness.

How we live our lives is determined by what we believe. Therefore if we are constantly hearing ways to improve our outward appearance, we will start to believe this lie that we are not sufficient. Feelings of insufficiency can lead to shame, comparison, envy, eating disorders, etc etc etc. You get the point. These lies lead to bondage which can only be released through God’s truth.

Now, I am not hear to say that Scripture condemns physical beauty or that we should let ourselves go and not pay attention to our outward appearance. It just becomes a problem when we begin to take pride in God-give beauty and neglect matters of the heart.

God created us as a woman and we are called to conduct ourselves in a manner which reflects His holy calling for our lives. Let the world see your inner-beauty which is a result of  the holy spirit residing in you, rather than dressing or acting like you think the world expects you to dress or act. I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and someday wife. A confident Christian woman who is well-kept, complimentary, and has class. Our outward appearance reflects the true condition of our heart.

Thought I would close this post with a few photos from my run yesterday on a beautiful trail. God is the most beautiful creator of all & we need to do our best to keep this beauty pure and wholesome.

Have a fabulous Thursday! I am going to get my country on tonight at the Chris Young concert 🙂 Yee Haw!

Let your light shine!

-Abby Dawn

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